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anyone else take flixonase

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southeastastra Fri 19-Sep-08 18:19:51

because hanging upside down is not my idea of fun anymore and they don't work anyhow

mylittlemonsters Fri 19-Sep-08 18:44:07

I take flixonase for hayfever and it works for me - why are you thinking of taking it?

southeastastra Fri 19-Sep-08 18:58:14

been taking it for a month for a blocked sinus, just doesn't do anything and have another month's worth. how long do you have to hang upside down?

Spagblog Fri 19-Sep-08 18:59:35

Hang upside down? DS has been prescribed this for a persistant runny nose.

Buda Fri 19-Sep-08 19:00:58

why are you hanging upside down? Are you a bat?

I take it for hayfever and find it good.

southeastastra Fri 19-Sep-08 19:02:38

maybe i have a different version, they're small capsules and you have to tip your head upside down whilst putting them in and hold it for a least a minute

Helsbels4 Fri 19-Sep-08 19:07:16

OOh er, capsules sound odd! I have it as a nasal spray as I have sinus trouble and my ears are constantly blocked otherwise but I did find that it took a while for it to make any difference but once it did, it's been great. Maybe you should go back to your GP and see what they can suggest.

southeastastra Fri 19-Sep-08 19:10:35

oh just googled that it can take up to six weeks to work, so will persevere, have to have an op so don't really know why they've given them to me.

they make me giddy grin

ditheringdora Fri 19-Sep-08 19:13:19

using nasal spray and am a lot less sniffy. Tablets sound urggh!

Katisha Fri 19-Sep-08 19:16:48

I have it as a nasal spray. Have used it for sinuses for ages. It takes a while to sort out at first though - persevere.
You also have to give it a break every now and then, when things are going well.

mylittlemonsters Fri 19-Sep-08 19:57:00

There is someone who works for the company that makes it on this site - if they are in the right area they may have an idea....

southeastastra Fri 19-Sep-08 20:19:03

an idea?

mylittlemonsters Sat 20-Sep-08 20:19:23

Think it is ribenaberry

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