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Runny nappy in 7 month old

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sweetkitty Fri 25-Feb-05 16:35:38

hi was just after some advice. On Tuesday DP had a bad stomach bug vomiting and bad diarrhoea then last night I had the same thind (am still feeling lousy today).

The thing is I'm worried about DD 7 months, she's been fine so far but the last nappy I took off her was really runny. She's on solids now and most of her nappies have hard poo in them. This one was different as I smelt it the minute she had done it and it smelt different and it was really yellow and runny like a newborns. She still has 5-6 BFs a day but I've never seen a nappy like this.

Am I right to be worried or am I a paranoid first time mum?

Twiglett Fri 25-Feb-05 16:39:05

well, you're right in thinking that she's probably got a few symptoms of the bug

but a little diorrhea is nothing to bother out if as you say she's still drinking

your BF will have helped transmitted antibodies to her, so she will probably not get it properly

if she stops taking in liquids for a 24 hour period then it might be worth consulting a doctor (no wet nappies is a big sign of dehydration), but otherwise I'd just keep feeding her and not worry about it at all

hope that helps

sweetkitty Fri 25-Feb-05 16:48:39

thanks twiglett I just know how much pain I was in last night with it and was paranoid about her getting it

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