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Anyone on here had a trapped nerve? Am in so much pain down my arm am desp. now .

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fakeblonde Thu 18-Sep-08 10:45:21

I`ve had this a week now.
I`ve had co codamol which made me spaced out.I`ve had anti inflammatories which really hurt my stomach (had ulcer in past )i`ve used heat, tens machine , massage, baths and even valium for last 2 nights !
I`ve paid for a private physio too as nhs wait for urgent cases even is too long.
My poor dh must be exhuasted from being woken by me at night.
I try not too but am literally hystarical with the pain.
DD had Mon and Tue off school which sounds awful i know but i couldn`t let her go because she`d had so little sleep and i couldn`t do things.
My arm is weak and so i cant even pick up the weight of an empty tea cup , so apart from being very very painful its also frustrating.
My main problem is that i cant lie down.I can only get any sort of rest from sitting bolt upright in bed with lots of pillows.
After doing this for several nights not only does your butt ache but its just so uncomforable.I`ve tried lying completely flat,lying on one side and my stomach but anything that isn`t upright increases the pain and numbness down my arm.
Has anyone got any tips if you`ve been through this yourself because i would be very grateful.I had the same 16 years ago in my other arm and it took about 7 months to go so i`m feeling really low now with that thought in mind.
Many thanks x

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