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Does anyone know a good American trained dentist - around SW London/Surrey area?

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Leoness Wed 17-Sep-08 20:15:50

I've moved out of town and want a recommended dentist to sign up with. I heard American standards are way higher than ours here.

By the way one of the top tv programmes in the US is "Britain's Worst Teeth" - can you believe that!!

thank you in advance

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow Wed 17-Sep-08 20:17:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DarrellRivers Wed 17-Sep-08 20:18:18

My dad is a wonderful dentist in Surrey, but I'm not recommending him to you, you transatlantic snob grin

Leoness Wed 17-Sep-08 20:20:06

I'm bloody english you bastards!

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow Wed 17-Sep-08 20:20:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow Wed 17-Sep-08 20:21:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DarrellRivers Wed 17-Sep-08 20:21:43


DarrellRivers Wed 17-Sep-08 20:22:51

I know an american trained vet in Potters Bar grin

BecauseImWorthIt Wed 17-Sep-08 20:23:06

Actually - putting aside your implicit criticism of British trained dentists - Sweden is where it's all at in terms of dental expertise and innovation, so you should be looking for someone who trained there.

ComeOVeneer Wed 17-Sep-08 20:23:08

American training is no better than english training. The treatment in America is better (than the nhs) because you pay (a lo0 for it.

Blandmum Wed 17-Sep-08 20:23:55

Well I have a delightful South African dentist, but I'm keeping his details to myself wink

expatinscotland Wed 17-Sep-08 20:24:36

if i needed serious work on my teeth i'd go back to teh US, mainly because the work would be cosmetic (i'd like laser-guided implants) and on the whole cheaper in the US.

DarrellRivers Wed 17-Sep-08 20:24:44

Oh he sounds lovely MB, I like South Africans, I find the accent v comforting

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow Wed 17-Sep-08 20:24:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Leoness Wed 17-Sep-08 20:25:10

you bunch of buck teeth heathen's I only want a dentist ... didn't realise I'd hit a nerve

Saturn74 Wed 17-Sep-08 20:25:14

So you're looking for a dentist that has been trained how to be American?

Blandmum Wed 17-Sep-08 20:25:50

LOL at the thought of malory wrapping up her dentist!

DarrellRivers Wed 17-Sep-08 20:26:05

The dentist will be doing that Leoness smile

Blandmum Wed 17-Sep-08 20:26:09

LOL at the thought of malory wrapping up her dentist!

Saturn74 Wed 17-Sep-08 20:26:32

'whom', not 'that'.

ComeOVeneer Wed 17-Sep-08 20:26:43

Well as a dentist I do take it personally. AlsoI dislike false information!

expatinscotland Wed 17-Sep-08 20:27:10

i had a S. African anaesthetist i wanted to marry because he got after them for not giving me any fluids after 24 hours of labour despite having inserted a cannula when i had the epidural 10 hours before.

and he chewed them out for not calling him sooner to top up the epi as i was in agonising pain.

and he also whispered, under his breath, 'these people sometimes drive me insane.' at the time, i could relate.

Blandmum Wed 17-Sep-08 20:27:55

I also have a Sounth African plumber. farking hell, but that man is hot. He could clear out my pipes any day of the week....

.....but I digress

nervousal Wed 17-Sep-08 20:28:21

Our crap teeth have nothing to do with the standard of dentistry - got to do with the fact that we don't brush our teeth and can't find an NHS dentist.

DarrellRivers Wed 17-Sep-08 20:28:42

I knew a gorgeous SA anaesthetist too expat, he was called Malcolm [swoon]

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