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Wheezing! (in me, not DS)

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Koshka Tue 16-Sep-08 15:13:42


i am having troubles!

i have a dry cough and sometimes i have coughed until i am sick.
Also when i breath i am 'wheezing' in and out. i am breathless and my chest hurts if i breath in deeply and when i cough.

i cannot get a GPs appt for at least this week.

i went to the pharmacy and she couldnt help me (she said)

do you think it is worth calling the OOH GPs tonight? Or just wait?


avenanap Tue 16-Sep-08 15:17:02

I would phone up the GP and ask for an emergency appointment, you could do with checking over as soon as possible and given a prescription for a ventolin inhaler. Phone them up and tell them that you are tight chested, wheezy and in pain. They should see you as a priority.

Koshka Tue 16-Sep-08 15:21:38

thank you avenanap.

oh and i love your name!

Saturn74 Tue 16-Sep-08 15:23:02

Agree with avenanap.
You need to be seen as a priority.

avenanap Tue 16-Sep-08 15:24:03


If you can't get an appointment go to A&E, they should see you. The wheezing does warrant this I'm afraid. sad Letme know how things go. smile

Koshka Tue 16-Sep-08 15:24:23

thanks. thought it was just me being stupid.

its just never had a tight chest before so it is a bit scary!

avenanap Tue 16-Sep-08 15:26:29

It's OK. ds has asthma. He gets like this. Best not to leave it. smile

Saturn74 Tue 16-Sep-08 15:31:30

DS2 has asthma.
He had wheezing and chest pains last night.
He spent a few hours in hospital on a nebuliser and being monitored.
He's much better today.

Your GP surgery should take your symptoms seriously, and give you an emergency appointment.

You'll feel lots better once they've sorted your breathing out. smile

Koshka Tue 16-Sep-08 17:01:14

went to docs.
said could be a virus bronchitus.

he could give me an inhaler to help me breath but aparently i dont need it.


there aere about 20 steps up to the surgery and i nearly died going up them.

can hardly breath i want to cry, and now my mum thinks im some saddo who feels sorry for herself!

Mercy Tue 16-Sep-08 17:14:47

Phone NHS Direct or see your out of hours service for a second opinion.

I don't want to worry you but dh ended up calling an ambulance for me when I was like this once.

Is your breathing also pretty shallow?

Saturn74 Tue 16-Sep-08 17:51:13

Koshka, go to OOH doctor or A&E.

avenanap Tue 16-Sep-08 18:35:54

Go to A&E. Did he do a peak flow?

Koshka Tue 16-Sep-08 20:22:19


i called OOH GP and they put me on a ventilator, did peak flow and gave me an inhaler, anti biotics and steroids too.

bit of a difference to the GP eh?

felt so lovely when i had the ventilator on. i want one

Koshka Tue 16-Sep-08 20:23:30

oh and thank you for your advice.

your messages helped me bully my mum into taking me to the OOH doctor!

Saturn74 Tue 16-Sep-08 20:25:42

sooooo glad you went, and that you're feeling better. smile
those nebulisers are amazing, aren't they?

Mercy Tue 16-Sep-08 20:28:08

I'm glad you went Koshka.

I was prescribed all sorts of medication too.

Hopefully you'll feel better in a couple of days. Take it easy!

avenanap Tue 16-Sep-08 22:18:29

I'm so pleased you are feeling better. smile

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