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Any runners suffer from piles?

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multitasker Tue 16-Sep-08 13:40:26

I have been bothered with piles on and off for years and a couple of weeks ago I had a thrombosed one which needed lanced - it took 4 goes to get it shrunk. I've gone past the point of embarassment with my GP, I'd show my butt to a trained monkey if I thought it would help. Anyway, I run most days and am wondering if that is exascerbating the problem. I eat well and am not prone to constipation. Will I have to put away my trainers for a while???

misi Tue 16-Sep-08 15:31:07

it could be as the blood vessels are going to be weak in that area so constant jiggling around may be proving a bit much for them. if you do not have any other med problems and your doc is not worried about anything apart from the piles then try a combination of horse chestnut and butchers broom to improve the structure of the vessels. I often give this to my clients

you can also take, my BIL mother takes this for her varicose viens and then told me her haemeroids had improved too after taking (she didn't tell me about those to start with grin)

as always though, if you have any doubts about your health see a registered pratitioner for advice on this for a list of your nearest herbalists for consultation

multitasker Tue 16-Sep-08 17:05:42

Thanks Misi, I remember the horse chestnut drops I used to take years ago - might give the health food shop a visit this weekend.

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