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Does anyone else have daily headaches/migranes ?

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Wisp Mon 15-Sep-08 14:07:21

I am at my absolute wits end with them, and everything the GP has tried me on hasn't worked

I have always suffered from migraines, and last year had my thyroid removed ( to due hyperthyroidism), and the daily headaches and migraines vanished and was only having about 1 migraine every couple of months.Brilliant.

At the start of August I had the most awful migraine that lasted 5 days, and ever since I've had had a constant one sided headache with a migraine aura, and the slightest stress or jerk, or even going in a car triggers off a migraine again. I wake up in the night the pain's so bad, and the headache is always there to varying degrees.

I've been on 4 different type of triptan medication ( all they have done is make my neck stiff, and give me insomnia!),I'm taking magnesium supplements, tried homeopathy and herbal remedies,and have now been put onto beta blockers, and anti-inflammatory painkillers.Also did a week with absolutely no tablets/painkillers, no difference.

I know there is nothing wrong with my brain, as I had an MRI scan 3 months ago to test for epilepsy ( which I still don't know if I have).

I'm going back to the GP's yet again, to get a full blood count to rule out my thyroid medication needing adjusting.

Any advice/sympathy greatly welcomed. Feel a wreck, and its really getting me down.

Bucharest Mon 15-Sep-08 14:08:44

Big sympathy here....My life has changed thanks to sumatriptan but I guess that doesn't work for yours anymore?
Good luck with the doc..x

snice Mon 15-Sep-08 14:11:08

A friend of mine had great sucess with cranial osteopathy -it could be worth a try?

My sympathies to you though -it sounds dreadful

RubySlippers Mon 15-Sep-08 14:11:44

oh Wisp - that is pants

have a look here

i have had 3 migraines in the past three weeks - i normally have a couple per year

am taking Maxalt which reduces but doesn't stop the attack

am going to speak to my GP again as they are getting more frequent

OrmIrian Mon 15-Sep-08 14:13:48

I rarely get migraines TBH, but for a long while I got very regular severe headaches with some vision disturbance and nausea, that I finally discovered were due to neck/upper spine problems. When I went to the chiro he asked if I'd ever been involved in a car accident it was so bad. Once I had that treated, with regular maintenance visits, and started yoga too, the headaches reduced dramatically.

I have no idea if that applies to you but it might be worth a try.

snice Mon 15-Sep-08 14:15:46

The other thing that occurs to me is-have you changed to low energy lightbulbs as some people react badly to them BBC news

Wisp Mon 15-Sep-08 14:17:22

Thanks everyone.
RubySlippers- Maxalt melt used to work a treat for me, but this time round it just reduces it, and I feel the pain moving to the back of my head & neck IYKWIM!
Then next morning it's back again angry.

Ive been referred to the neurologist (again) and its a 12 week wait.
*gently bangs head against wall*

OrmIrian Mon 15-Sep-08 14:19:12

Could you perhaps try an osteopath or chiropractor? Explain the situation to them. Most of them will give a free exploratory examination free of charge.

DrNortherner Mon 15-Sep-08 14:21:38

Interesting about thsoe low energy lightbulbs.

Wisp Mon 15-Sep-08 14:21:58

OrmIrian- Thanks-I'm def going to look into seeing a chiropractor. I would try anything now to get shot of this!

Every light in the house has low energy light bulbs, but we've used them for years....Evil flickering bulbs!!

OrmIrian Mon 15-Sep-08 14:23:16

Good! smile

MrsRecycle Mon 15-Sep-08 14:24:43

Sympathies, its awful isn't it. I get them daily and mine are due to neck problems. Discovered this when I went for physio and had a screaming migraine, told physio this, she literally pulled my head off my neck and the migraine completely disappeared. Whenever I use normal pillows they reappear. I've brought one of those neck shaped pillows (got it from Ikea) and reverted back to that and its gone. Plus a good massage from my beautician last night really got the pressure points out. My neck is killing me but at least the migraine's gone.

RubySlippers Mon 15-Sep-08 14:29:22

hmm - i didn't realise it could be a physical problem which could be rectified with some manipulation ...

as for lightbulbs - flourescent lighting is guaranteed to trigger and attack for me

my last attack on Saturday was utterly out of the blue - walking to lunch with DH and DS

no obvious trigger at all ...

MrsRecycle Mon 15-Sep-08 14:32:46

neither did I and I've suffered from them for decades. It truly is amazing now that everytime I have an attack a massage sorts it out.

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