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Natural cold remedies

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AphroditeInHerNightie Mon 15-Sep-08 13:47:08

Hi all,
As I am sat here with the mother of all colds (in Cyprus, too- not bloody fair!) I thought I'd start a thread to share and natural cold remedies that people have.
My stalwart is Lemon and Ginger tea, made by grating lemon zest and fresh ginger root into a muslin bag and then steeping in a cup of lemon juice and hot water. Add honey to taste.
-works great for morning sickness too.
The ginger is the secret ingredient, it has a slight burn to aid a sore throat and makes you sweat so you get the toxins out. Works for me everytime.
Anyone else got any tried and tested remedies?

misi Mon 15-Sep-08 15:43:21

manuka honey in warm water,

elderberry wine/tea/extract/in fact anything elderberry,

zinc lozenges



pau d'arco

rosehip infusion/soup

tea tree and eucalyptus in a vapouriser/oil burner

these I have used myself, I have many more examples but I am a herbalist grin

misi Mon 15-Sep-08 15:43:56

and chicked soup!!
the arginine content in chicken is particularly helpful against the cold virus

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