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Anyone else got the vomiting bug?

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Ledodgy Mon 15-Sep-08 10:44:36

God it's horrible. My ds2 (8 months) has had it with the runs for the last week and hasn't been able to keep much food down. Yesterday I had griping pains all day and started vomiting at about 6 pm. At 8 pm ds1 started vomiting every half an hour until 1am and then dp started vomiting, at 4.20am dd came into our room and started vomiting also. We are all at home now feeling very sorry for ourselves. Even though I feel very ill i've just cleaned and bleached the bathroom in the hope not to spread it anymore. What a nightmare!

rubyloopy Mon 15-Sep-08 11:16:56

Message withdrawn

Bewilderbeast Mon 15-Sep-08 11:22:42

ds started with it at 2am on saturday morning I started yesterday morning and dp started at 11 last night. Urgh it's bloody awful.

Lauriefairycake Mon 15-Sep-08 11:23:34

10 year old has it and is off school today

I really don't want it.

rubyloopy Mon 15-Sep-08 11:45:02

Message withdrawn

Ledodgy Mon 15-Sep-08 12:10:57

I'm in liverpool. ds2 has just vomited everywhere again he's had it for a week already!

rubyloopy Mon 15-Sep-08 12:19:12

Message withdrawn

Ledodgy Mon 15-Sep-08 12:23:10

Thank you. smile

soremummy Mon 15-Sep-08 12:30:38

my 16mth has had it since thursday but not sick now just nappies constantly

ajm200 Mon 15-Sep-08 12:33:54

Yep DH and DS (22 months) all weekend. I've had to wash and dry up to 8 sets of cotbed linen a day... hope it ends soon.

I don't want it as 34 weeks pregnant. I'm off my food though and have had tummy cramps all night. Took my time telling DH I wasn't in labour though as he's been a nightmare of late and wanted to get my own back.

soremummy Mon 15-Sep-08 12:46:42

lol at taking your time telling dh.. my lo isasleep on my knee sorry one handed typing

mellyonion Mon 15-Sep-08 12:48:47

i've had it...thankfully only lasted about 36 hours...bloody awful though.
my dd had it on friday, was out of sorts saturday, but all better today.

hope you're better soon.

Bewilderbeast Mon 15-Sep-08 13:47:05

urgh just weighed myself, have lost 5 pounds since yesterday, dp is now mopeing around on the sofa driving me crackers

Ledodgy Mon 15-Sep-08 15:16:57

Yes my dp is on the couch driving me crackers as well, dd is also of the same ilk. ds1 and 2 are getting on with it although ds1 has slept all morning. I of course am getting on with it too, done 2 loads of washing, cleaned the bathroom and now the 2 couches we have are full so i'm upstairs on the computer even though I want to writhe round on the couch as well!

ajm200 Mon 15-Sep-08 15:22:19

Didn't you know the bug comes in two strains - male and female.

With the female variety, you can look after children, clean up vomit and poo, change sicky beds

The male variety leaves them completely completely out of action and the older they are the worse it gets them. wink

Ledodgy Mon 15-Sep-08 15:22:55

grin very, very true although my d seems to have caught the male kind as well.hmm

Ledodgy Mon 15-Sep-08 15:23:04


catweazle Mon 15-Sep-08 16:35:32

My 18 mo had it from Friday night until Sunday night and couldn't keep anything down- even water. I started it in the night. The pain in the stomach is the worst bit. Does that mean I've got another 2 days of it? We're going on holiday on Friday

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