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Why have i suddenly turned into a greasy minger?!

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PastYourBedtime Sun 14-Sep-08 23:15:10

Over the last week or so my hair looks like you could cook chips in it. I have long wild curly/frizzy thick hair and only need to wash it every for days or so but i'm having to wash it every 2 days which is a pita as it takes over an hour to dry.
Haven't changed any products that i'm using and want my normal hair back!

avenanap Sun 14-Sep-08 23:16:33


puppie Mon 15-Sep-08 12:57:07

PastYourBedtime this has happened to me too! I've always had dry hair but around 7 mths after DS was born it changed overnight! Its disgusting! Doesnt even feel clean once I have washed it.! Have you had a bubba recently?

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