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Pelvic floor, prolapses and pelvic toning...please give me the truth!! Sorry, bit long...

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OlderNotWiser Sun 14-Sep-08 21:11:59

Hello, sorry to bring up a much covered topic again, but I have had a read of previous and current threads, and have been to GP, but I am still confused about how to sort out my pelvic floor issues. When I spoke to my GP she said she didnt know what to tackle first so didn't quite inspire me with confidence. My problem - have been suffering from quite bad incontinence for 3 years now since DS1 (nasty forceps birth followed by manual removal of retained placenta.)I have learnt to cope with it ie constant trips to loo, always use incontinence pads(so good for the self esteem) don't run, sneeze, cough without being prepared etc. I was referred to pysio and we worked quite hard to improve things but nothing seemed to said she would refer me for op unless I was planning more children in which case to leave it til after. So, have had DS2 now and all is still rubbish, plus I now have a mild prolapse according to doctor...and if its not too much TMI, if I have a little feel down there it does feel quite bulgy just inside my vagina so Im guessing this is the prolapse...? Anyway I thought I read somewhere that prolapses need operating on....but GP wants me to try pelvic floor exercises again to sort that and incontinence out even tho they didnt help last time. Its just that it almost feels too far gone ie nothing seems to respond when I try to do the exercises. Would one of those pelvic floor toning things you see advertised by Cleo etc work then if i can't seem to do it myself...? Sorry, lots of questions. Hoping someone has been there and come back from it!

SammyK Sun 14-Sep-08 21:21:01

Ask for referral to a gynae.

I am lucky hmm that I have GP at my practice whose area is gynaecology, who examined me, referred me to gynae clinic, and started talking surgery to me.

I would go back in and explain you want to chat to gynae about options now you are done having children.

I dreaded going, I have front and back prolapse, after one ds.

SammyK Sun 14-Sep-08 21:21:42

oops posted too soon!

Gynaecologist was great and I am so glad I went.

OlderNotWiser Sun 14-Sep-08 21:37:47

Thanks SammyK...will try to pluck up courage to do that, tho have scary GP...shes told me to do my exercises and so thats that!! Ho hum...

morningpaper Sun 14-Sep-08 21:39:47

agree, go to gynae who will give you proper answers

I wouldn't go too much on feel alone, everythig feels bulgy to me and I'm supposedly fine hmm


SammyK Sun 14-Sep-08 21:53:06

My GP said as mine had worsened over time, and there was a definate bulge, excerices would very likely e inneffective, and as it has causing inconvnenience and discomfort, that surgery would be the most likely route, tho gynaecologist has said he would rather delay it due to my (youngish) age.

SammyK Sun 14-Sep-08 21:54:13

I moved GP's to a big shiny new pratcie with 3 female GPs and two male, all with different specialty areas. Seriously if you do not feel comfortable with your GP get a new one!

OlderNotWiser Sun 14-Sep-08 21:55:59

Hmm, well, suggests exercises may not be a cure all then SammyK. Plus young not an issue here sadly!! Thanks MP, yes, best go and talk to GP again then.

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