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I am unwell - should I go to work tomorrow - give me your opinions please!

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PavlovtheCat Sun 14-Sep-08 17:46:04

I was off work for a week (3.5 days in fact) last week I was feeling unwell, but not seriously so. However this weekend, it has manifested into tonsilitis and I feel like shite. I feel a bit better than I did this morning, but worse than I did all week last week! I may be able to dose myself up enough to go to work tomorrow, but I would not usually go, I have two thoughts going through my head and I would like your opinions as MNers as to what you might do if you were me: -

1. Tomorrow I am running the first session of a 22 session Cognitive Behaviour Programme, there are two sessions this week, the first being the most important as it sorts out problems with attendance, increases motivation, gets those on the group to meet the tutors, and enables those who are disruptive to be challenged and removed if necessary. This first session out of all of the sessions is probably the most crucial to attend, along with the last.

The following week I am on leave, so there will be a cover tutor. If I do not go in for the first two sessions, I will in fact miss the first 4 sessions, which will mean bonding is more difficult, respect from group/control etc will be harder to gain. And it is my second group, the first with this tutor, so its a big deal.

Part of the reason I took last week off was so that I could rest and recover and not make myself more ill, so that I would be well enough to come to work this week.

2. On the other hand. I am going to working with around 20 people, plus the tutor, in close proximity, plus colleagues I will be bumping into in the morning/evening. We have air con at work, and the room we are in will not have windows open as it opens on to a busy road and we cannot hear a thing. It is a large building and there is about 100 people there, although probably not any more than 50 at any one time. Bugs spread like wildfire in our building and it would be potentially irresponsible to go into work knowing I have not a common cold but tonsilitis or similar which others might get much more severely than me (especially my clients, who are often less healthy in the first place, not intending to stereotype but those I work with do not always look after themselves well). On top of that, I will have to prep for my work, concentrate hard, and run a group/concentrate hard for 4 hours. I will potentially have to deal with argumentative people, aggression and general disgruntled people who would rather be elsewhere. The first session is tough and I am not sure I feel well enough to cope. I can dose myself up, but if I start to wain halfway through I could lose the group.

So, what shall I do?

BreeVanderCampLGJ Sun 14-Sep-08 17:58:40

I would go to work, and be seen to be willing.

cornsilk Sun 14-Sep-08 17:59:43

I would dose myself up and go.

emma1977 Sun 14-Sep-08 18:00:40

Go in

cocolepew Sun 14-Sep-08 18:01:41

Stay at home.

SoupDragon Sun 14-Sep-08 18:03:38

Oh yes, go in and share your bugs with everyone. That'd be lovely.

VersdeSociete Sun 14-Sep-08 18:10:15

When is the second session? Any chance of you getting treated for the tonsilitis in time for second session? do you have to be on leave the folowing week? Could you wear one of those mask thingies?

sallystrawberry Sun 14-Sep-08 18:15:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PavlovtheCat Sun 14-Sep-08 18:19:02

Versdesociete - The second session is straight after sad its a double one due to office training this week, usually it would be two separate days, and if it was as usual, it would not be so bad, although not ideal.

Yes I do have to go on leave the following week, we are going on holiday for our first wedding anniversary.

I could not wear a mask! I would lose ANY respect I might have got within seconds!

Soup - that is where I am thinking, its not just a couple of people, not that that would be better, but germs spread easily, and some people can get tonsilitis really badly.

edam Sun 14-Sep-08 18:19:27

Dose yourself up and go in. It's only your second group AND you'd be missing the first four sessions - this is a really big deal and it would be unwise to back out for anything short of hospitalisation IMO. (And don't sneeze over anyone.)

Soapbox Sun 14-Sep-08 18:21:10

I've never thought of tonsillitis as being particularly infectious.

I'd dose up and go in if I were you.

Let them know you are ill though and milk it for all you are worthgrin

PavlovtheCat Sun 14-Sep-08 18:24:42

Sally - exactly! I wont get thanked for going in by boss etc, and my name will be mud by colleagues who get it along with their children!

But I am not so bothered about what the staff think really. Its more those who are on the group, its about the integrity of the programme process and a bit part of that is consistency and respect, both of which are hard to acheive without clear expectations set out, and laid out by example. These are vulnerable members of the community and they will potentially be less likely to see it as anything other than just a course to get out of the way if they think the tutors just come and go.

But, if they get this bug and miss any sessions they will be off the course anyway and then if the tutor gets it she will be off later too, and maybe even next week when I am off, so the integrity goes out the window..

Its all based on assumptions isnt it?

edam Sun 14-Sep-08 18:27:54

Do you have your boss's mobile or home number? Might be worth giving them a call and asking what they would like you to do.

WingsofaAngel Sun 14-Sep-08 18:30:18

If your off this week too will you need a sick note ?
Are you allowed to go from sick to annual leave.

I would tend to dose myself up and go in.

Hope you feel better soon.

PavlovtheCat Sun 14-Sep-08 18:36:38

Edam - no i don't but I do have the number of the co-tutor.

Wings - I don't have a problem with getting a sick note, GP can look at my throat and make a decision!

If I am well enough to go on leave, I would be at work if not on leave, and it comes out of my leave entitlement and has been booked for months, if I am sick enough for GP to sign me off for another two weeks (I am not that sick!) I would get my holiday back as I am not on leave I am off sick! As far as I know it is not illegal to be ill before a holiday!

I will probably go in.

Spink Sun 14-Sep-08 18:49:33

How about you call your co-tutor and let him/her know you're not well- even if you decide to go in, could you arrange that s/he takes more of a lead so you don't have to be firing on all cylinders?
Or arrange with her/him for you to do the first bit, make your apologies and leave him/her to it for the second - that way, you've been there for the opening, shown how much you value it (coming in when so poorly) but are also looking after yourself by going back to bed as soon as you can (and looking after them by not spreading your germs for too long)

PavlovtheCat Sun 14-Sep-08 19:00:12

Spink - I will probably call her and let her know, so I dont show she is not surprised and can arrange cover, and if I do go in she knows in advance, as you said, perhaps she can take the lead if I struggle.

She cant run it alone, H&S would have a fit! 20 male criminals and a lone female tutor would not look to good!

Niecie Sun 14-Sep-08 19:01:56

You could feel better by tomorrow anyway.

But even if you don't I would dose up and go in.

Tonsilitis isn't that infectious - you won't be coughing and sneezing on people like if you had a cold.

Just don't breath on anybody.

Spink Sun 14-Sep-08 19:07:21

oh bum. and there is no one who could provide back up so she could run it without you there?

Sorry if I've misunderstood, but does it mean that if you're not there, the prog has to be delayed?

Hope you feel better tomorrow so your dilemma is solved!

HappyMummyOfOne Sun 14-Sep-08 19:13:27

I'd go in too, especially if you've already had 3 days off when not that sick.

WingsofaAngel Sun 14-Sep-08 19:41:28

I only mentioned the sick note thing because when I was at work (goverment department) they didn't allow you to go from sick leave to annual leave. I didn't know if they had a similar policy. Sorry.

ScummyMummy Sun 14-Sep-08 19:48:47

If you don't feel well enough to cope then don't go in.

unknownrebelbang Sun 14-Sep-08 19:53:10

Pavlov, see how you feel in the morning, but I would probably go in, dose myself up and try and get on with it.

I understand completely where you're coming from with regard to the group. You need to have a firm handle on the group in the morning, but by the same token, if you're ill and not on top form, there could be repercussions in the behaviour of the attendants.

PavlovtheCat Sun 14-Sep-08 19:55:57

Spink - if I am not there, there will be cover found, but it is not the kind of group that can change tutors half way through a session.

happyMummy oh don;t get me wrong, I was unwell last week, and did the right thing not to go in, however if I felt like I did last week today, I would go in tomorrow as it is an important session without too much consideration.

I am usually of the policy that if I am sick I don;t go to work, as my health is important and I am not going to make it worse by 'soldiering on' if I do not need to, however, for example last week, no-one had to do additional work in my absence, the work needed can wait until i return. But this group can't and it means more work for others and will be harder for me if I don't go in, when I return.

Wings - shock, so what would happen if you were sick before you went on leave? Would you be expected to cancel a planned, paid for trip because you will ill the week before? Or would they not pay you for your sick leave, even though you were not able to work, because you happened to have a holiday the week after? That is a bit harsh,as you are legally entitled to take annual leave hmm.

WingsofaAngel Sun 14-Sep-08 20:06:12

If you had been off sick for 5 days and then went to annual leave you had to have a doctors note. Not sure what happened if you didn't have doctors note. (didn't happen to me thankfully)

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