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Any chiropracters/physiuos about pls-nerve pain down arm.

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fakeblonde Sun 14-Sep-08 16:50:42

I had this really badly after my dd was born 16 years ago and basically lost the use of my left arm for months.I had a trapped nerve and the pain was awful.Its been a little on and off since but never as bad.
Last night i started with thois pain in my right arm(was other arm before )
Its EXACTLY the same because i can only get relief by sitting bolt upright.Obviously i cant sleep very well like this and when i do nod off my head lolls to the affected side and i wake up in agony.I feel like there is an elastic band overstreched from the base of my neck to right shoulder and the pain goes all the way to my hand.
Years ago i used to sleep sitting up with a collar and tens machine on.
Is there anything else i can try tonight , as with a job and 3 children i really cant go without sleep.
I`ll take some antiinflammatory tabs too but just wondered if anyone could think of anything else .
Cheers x

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