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lump suddenly appeared on c-section scar

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Piglet111 Sun 14-Sep-08 11:30:51

I had a c-section over 2 years ago. Lately I've been getting loads of lower back and abdominal pain, much like bad period pain. Last night I was rubbing my stomach and felt a lump at my c-section scar area. How can a lump suddenly appear after 2 years? I've had cysts come and go on my ovaries, could it be another cyst? It's small, about 1cm, feels like a hard pea and it's actually slightly underneath my scar and i have to press in to feel it fully.

Mumi Sun 14-Sep-08 13:30:38

DP noticed this at my appendix scar a few weeks ago and immediately ordered me to the GPs by which time it had gone down hmm but GP told me to return if it ever did. It's possibly just a swollen lymph node but do see your GP so it can be monitored.

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