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Umpteenth cold of the winter - anything I can do?

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Issymum Thu 24-Feb-05 11:11:01

I'm in the middle of what feels like the 10th cold of this winter. I get a cold, it lasts for a few weeks, I get better for a week and then I get another one. I don't think it's the same cold coming back as each cold has its unique combination of symptoms - sore throat and ear-ache, cough combined with runny nose or perhaps achey limbs, plus headache together with sore eyes. I know that compared to other health issues this is trivial stuff but it's making it difficult to work effectively and undermining my joie de vivre.

Any ideas on how to stay cold-free for the rest of the season? DH suggested wearing a gas mask on the train, wrapping the DDs (2 and 4) in cling film and for the two of us to indulge only in the 'other type of kissing' , but I'm not sure that the first suggestion is appropriate, the second legal or the third practical. He may be on to something though identifying a 2 year old who goes to playgroup and a 4 year old who goes to pre-school as a bio-hazard.

All semi-sane suggestions gratefully considered.

Anteater Thu 24-Feb-05 11:41:48

Fresh squeesed oranges!
We buy a box from fruit wholesaler for £8 once a week.
5 glass's of OJ per day, around 3 ojs per cup.
Cold free so far!

(This message contains no virus's!)

Issymum Thu 24-Feb-05 11:49:02

Interesting Anteater. Presumably you have a juicer! Have you all turned orange? I must say I rather like the idea of drinking all that freshly squeezed orange juice. Do the little Anteaters drink it to?

Any other top tips anyone?

Anteater Thu 24-Feb-05 12:01:09

We are on out third juicer.
The children refuse to drink the cardboard OJ at grandmas!
As you can imagine we are complete OJ nuts, but interestingly I tried selling it in our bar... complete failure even tho' we priced it well below the botled juices.. Can see why young Oliver is having such a problem at school!

Issymum Thu 24-Feb-05 12:15:50

Sorry to interrogate you Anteater but I'm desperate to escape four months of snot-filled misery every year.

How long have you been doing the OJ thing? How many colds have you all had since you started? How much OJ do you give the mini-Ant-Eaters? Are you and Mr A-E really drinking the equivalent of 15(!) oranges a day or do you mean that you have 5 glasses of OJ each day shared between the A-E family?

Anteater Thu 24-Feb-05 12:27:17

How long have you been doing the OJ thing?
2 years
How many colds have you all had since you started? Thinking back I dont think we have had any, DD2 has had a grubby nose but we left her with a nanny for a week, maybe thats why??
How much OJ do you give the mini-Ant-Eaters?
We each have a glass at dinner, 2-3 ojs in each glass.
Apart from the obvious health benefits this drink is yummy!

Issymum Thu 24-Feb-05 12:34:17

Ahhhh! When I first read your post I thought that each of you was drinking FIVE glasses a day and I realised that, despite the undoubted health benefits, I couldn't see myself squeezing that many oranges. But a glass a day is definitely doable.

Assuming you're not sick to death of this subject - any recommendations on juicers?

Anteater Thu 24-Feb-05 12:46:11

Two options really,
1 The standard hand pull type, around £25. Work well but wont last for ever squeezing 15+ per day. Can be a drag as only as fast as you can squeeze..
2 An electric squeezer, I posted a month ago asking for anybodys recs, no replys. Theres a few different types, from about £80. Would invest in the hand pull first and see how you get on..

motherinferior Thu 24-Feb-05 12:48:49

Kiwi fruit have more vitamin C than oranges.

General building up of the immune system is a good idea but as a crucial element of this is sleep, I fear you may give me a thick ear for the suggestion. Exercise, if you can face it through the haze of snot.

Sonnet Thu 24-Feb-05 13:09:11

I was like that last winter.....
Would second the OJ thing ( only thing is my dd's don't like bits and I have to sieve it as well!!)
Also Echinacia (spelling) syrup.

All household has avoided the bugs this year despite DD2 starting pre-school - a far far cry from last winter!!!

A owe Anteater a big apology - I have a parcel sitting next to me at work - am embarressed byond belief after your kindness - am popping into town now to post it!!

Issymum Thu 24-Feb-05 14:21:42

No thick ears from me MI!

You're right. It seems like I need more freshly squeezed OJ, more sleep (it really can be done, just have to go to bed earlier) and more exercise. I've got into a bit of a vicious circle with the exercise - I feel unwell so don't exercise. But since MI's admonition, I have heaved myself out of my nice warm home office, walked through the sleet to the doctor's and made an appointment to get my painful and clicky hips and knees looked at so I can start to exercise properly again.

Sonnet Thu 24-Feb-05 14:28:34

Hope you feel better soon - I was exactly the same last winter honest! - you wouldn't believe it now!
You are right - it is a vicious circle.

Anteater - parcel is in the post - thank you so much xx

Anteater Thu 24-Feb-05 14:30:50

Hope it was of some use!

Easy Thu 24-Feb-05 14:35:55


Can I also suggest you try zinc supplements for a while, which help to build your immune system.

Clinical trials seem to have shown that extra Vitamin C is good to help you fight an infection you have already got (so would help you now) but on their own don't seem to help with reducing the number of infections you catch. Same research suggests that zinc does reduce the incidence of infection. Certainly worked for dh and I about 6 years ago in the winter (but take care, it also increases fertility, hence my 5 y.o. son ).

Echinacea is supposed to help the immune system, but the effects reduce over long-term use, so take it for no more than 3 weeks at a time.

Anchovy Thu 24-Feb-05 14:46:57

The only year I didn't get a cold was the winter when DS had just been born, we never went out and I wasn't travelling on public transport. Now I'm back on the germ-filled tube and DS is at nursery school which is like a primordial soup of infection. Poor little DD has had a permanent cold pretty much since birth. So I think you've correctly identified your risk factors.

I think: fresh juices (we have a cheap Kenwood juicer jobbie - I'd get a real cheapo to find out if you use it or not). Its a fantastic idea but they are a bugger to clean and you get so much waste stuff. (Carrot and fresh ginger is fantastic). I'm a bit of a Lady Macbeth with my Carex, but I do think lots of handwashing is important. Me, DH and our nanny also all have a flu jab each year.


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