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blood in child's mouth

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cutekids Thu 24-Feb-05 10:14:25

my daughter has had a sore throat and cough for the last couple of days. when i was cleaning her teeth yesterday morning i found blood on her toothbrush which obviously freaked me out. i then thought it was probably her gums and decided to leave it at that. however, i did take her to the doctor-due to the fact i've been obsessed with a lump - enlarged lymph node - in her neck for the last couple of months. doctor reassured me that she didn't have tonsilitis-although he thought she might have have had a throat infection recently- and her chest was clear.told me not to worry and to give her calpol and didn't seem too concerned about any blood i had found. last night, however, she came downstairs to tell me that there was a spot of blood on her pillow which hadn't been there when she went to bed. panicking again! help! i kept her in bed with me and i don't think that there was anymore blood but i don't know now whether to take her back to the doctor or to just keep an eye on her. i've kept her off school for my own peace of mind. she also has suddenly got a "wart type thing"-that's how the doctor described it!- under her arm suddenly. i know i'm paranoid but i don't know when i'm doing right for wrong!

kid Thu 24-Feb-05 10:22:04

Can you take her back to be seen by another Dr?
I think you should always believe in yourself, if you feel there is something wrong then don't worry about going back and possibly wasting their time if everything is fine (I always worry I'm wasting dr's time). I know I'd rather be sure there was nothing wrong with my kids.

cutekids Thu 24-Feb-05 10:41:14

thanks kid it's good to know i'm not the only one.trouble is i've been to so many doctors about her lump and a paediatrician, i feel like the boy who cried wolf! are they just going to think i'm a paranoid mother-i'm the first to admit it!- or do i just keep hammering away at them? don't get me wrong, i'd much rather know that there is nothing wrong than to be told there is something. why is being a mum so scary? she's my first and- although i worry about the other two- i seem to go ott with her!

FairyMum Thu 24-Feb-05 10:44:05

I know exactly how you feel.I think we all do. I would go back for a second opinion. Don't worry about what your doctor thinks of you. Just worry about your child and you. It's not good that you should go and worry all the time either.

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