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Spasms in upper back

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pgwithnumber3 Thu 11-Sep-08 17:39:33

Can anyone help me!? I am going to get a Doctor's appointment tomorrow but in the meantime was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of this.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have started to get sharp spasm type pains across the upper part of my back. They are agony when they happen and take my breath away. Today has been horrendous, I have had to come home and go straight to bed (with laptop!).

I am 19 weeks pregnant (not carrying any weight though and hardly showing) so am not sure whether this is anything to do with it (2 pregnancies in 1 year though).

Also with mention that when I was 16 that I had a slight curvature in my spine (nothing noticeable), something similar to scoliosis.

Anyone have any advice on what it could be?

Milliways Thu 11-Sep-08 20:40:40

Poor you

Have you tried alternating heat & ice packs? That usually helps. Esp as you are probably avoiding meds.

DS had terrible back problems that started with spasms in the shoulder area and spread to middle back. It was never fully decided what had happened (despite scans etc) but they put it down to a severe ligament & joint strain. As he has hypermobility he is prone to this. Being pregnant, with joints loosening, you may have injured a muscle/ligament more easily?

Our Osteopath recommended ice as much as he could stand, as it quickly reduces any inflammation, and to alternate with heat packs when ice got too much!

pgwithnumber3 Fri 12-Sep-08 10:37:46

Thank you Mlliways, I ended up in hospital last night as I rang NHS Direct and with my symptoms, they were concerned it was a clot on the lung. Thankfully it wasn't and they checked me over, just as you said, muscle problem. I am in bloody agony though. Not much fun with a 12 month old and 5 year old to look after.

The advice you have given is great, they did advise to put heat on it but not ice. Maybe I will give that a try.

TheBlonde Fri 12-Sep-08 10:48:23

Try and see a physio if you can
I pulled ligaments in my shoulder and ended up with the muscles in spasm

pgwithnumber3 Fri 12-Sep-08 14:12:21

Thanks TheBlonde. It seems to trigger when I have done too much in the house/with the kids. I am nearly 20 weeks pregnant but I carry on like a maniac. My body is obviously warning me to slow down.

If I have no respite by next week, physio it will be. Bit skint atm though.

TheBlonde Fri 12-Sep-08 14:13:44

Ask your GP, you should be able to get to see an NHS physio esp as you are pg

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