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Anyone ever used those pelvic floor machines or whatever they are called !!!

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krugerparkrules Thu 11-Sep-08 14:51:23

Okay i never did my pelvic floor exercises properly and i am beginning to notice the impact of this post birth!
I saw an advertisement once that you could buy a machine that basically you used to do these exercises for you.
Has anyone ever used one of these and would recommend it?
I feel silly and anxious now that I have a "weakened" pelvic floor, and not sure what to do ....
Any help or advice much appreciated

JiminyCricket Thu 11-Sep-08 14:58:49

oh not one like that - but I have got a pelvic toner (it has springs and you have to squeeze it closed) and that was pretty effective used regularly. Got it from Boots

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