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1 day period?!!!! Not normal for me.

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aideesmum Thu 11-Sep-08 13:11:13

Can anyone advise?
I have fairly regular periods, 28-32 days between and bleed for 3-5 days but this time I was a week late and then only bled for 1 day. After this is was just a clear liquid for a couple of days (not normal discharge). Now this isn't right for me.
What could it be? I did do a pregnancy test and it came back negative. Any other suggestions?

FattipuffsandThinnifers Thu 11-Sep-08 13:15:34

Are you definitely not pregnant? If there's any doubt you could try another test, the first may may have just been unreliable.

Other than that, have you recently gone through anything like fertility treatment, pregnancy, or gynae surgery?

MerlinsBeard Thu 11-Sep-08 13:18:24

was it too early to test and the 1 day period coud have been implantation?

ajm200 Thu 11-Sep-08 13:19:16

Give it a few more days then redo the pregnancy test. Tests are more reliable the longer you wait.

I had light periods for the first 5 months of this pregnancy and and implantation bleed around the time of my period with my first. If the test is still negative, see your Dr.

aideesmum Thu 11-Sep-08 13:20:02

I did the test 11 days after my period and no I haven't had any treatment or surgery.
I had my son 3.5 years ago by c section but didn't have any complications from it. Not been pregnant since.

Aitch Thu 11-Sep-08 13:25:31

test again in a few days, and be on the lookout for any odd pains. smile

shazza03 Sun 21-Sep-08 16:01:43

Okay im so confused and i really hope someone will help!!!

I had a miscarrage a few months ago (july) and i had a normal period in August i have no idea of the date but in september 8th i had what i thought was my period but it only lasted for 1Day, it was heavyish but then stopped by the next day, i took 3 pregnancy tests but they all came up negative on the 10th and 11th...But now i feel sick, got sore breasts, and im sleeping all the time when im not at work for e.g last night i went to bed at 4.30pm and woke up at half 10pm then a hour later i went back to bed and slept for another 12 hours, im needing he toilet all the time aswell....I just dont get it!!! HELP!!!!!!!

nannyL Sun 21-Sep-08 21:00:11

do another PG test!

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