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H pylori

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SallyLW Thu 11-Sep-08 09:36:43

Anyone been diagnosed with H pylori?Been suffering from indigestion for months and have finally been diagnosed with the above.Now on 2 sets on antibiotics and omeprozole to block stomach acid and Im hoping that Im finally going to be cured!!Anyone any experiences of this weird bacterial infection that can offer me hope that Im finally going to be well!Fed up of not enjoying my food because of worry of pain. Only plus point is the weight loss through having to restrict my diet. Finally back to my pre baby weight(only taken 7years!)

Lomond Thu 11-Sep-08 09:40:01

Hi there I had this years ago, I had a huge box of pills to take but can't remember what they were called, sorry.

What I can say is that the treatment worked well and I noticed a huge difference. You should be back to normal in no time.

geekgirl Thu 11-Sep-08 09:41:21

yes, I had this as a teenager and suffered with nasty gastric ulcers for several years before it was finally treated appropriately.
It really was a magic cure. I've not had an ulcer since and only had gastritis maybe 3 times in the past 12 years, whereas before it was pretty much permanent.

McDreamy Thu 11-Sep-08 09:46:15

Yes I was diagnosed with this in May. Had terrible abdominal pain after certain foods, really bad, had to take to my bed sad I was convinced I had gall stones but turns out it was H Pylori. All gone now, can eat anythign again smile

Hope you feel the benefits soon!!

janinlondon Thu 11-Sep-08 10:08:27

H Pylori treatment is one of those medical feelgood stories because it actually works. When you have finished the course (I know its horrible) ensure you are tested again, just in case. But in all likelihood it will have been eradicated and it seems likely that just by doing this you will reduce your risk of stomach cancer considerably. And you will feel SO much better than before.

SallyLW Thu 11-Sep-08 11:32:09

Thanks guys.Your comments have really helped brighten my day.Im such a hypochondriac so have been terribly worried about whats been wrong with me so its a relief to have a diagnosis.Like you McDreamy, I thought i had gallbladder problems and have infact been referred for a scan. I will still go but hope its just a precaution now. Havehad numerous nights/dinners out ruined because of this stomach trouble so hope this will see the end of it and I can great back to normal.

Lomond Thu 11-Sep-08 11:44:22

Hope you feel better soon, then treat yourself to as nice meal out!grin

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