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whatscomeoverme Wed 23-Feb-05 10:28:10

I had anorexia and bullimia when I was younger. Not to the point where I had to be hospitalised but I was heading that way. I have been trying to lose weight sensibly for the past 6 months, but this morning I ate something I shouldn't have. I ended up going to the toilet and making myself sick. I don't want to eat for the rest of the day now as what I have eaten will be too much fat. I am scared of slipping back but suddenly I feel like I am losing control again

dejags Wed 23-Feb-05 10:31:02

It's good that you recognise potentially problematic behaviour WCOM. I am not a medical professional so I couldn't really give you any advise other than to seek help through your GP or a counsellor. I am sure there are other MNers who will be able to give more substantial advise.


WigWamBam Wed 23-Feb-05 10:32:17

I know it's frightening but you must speak to someone before this gets any worse. Try the Eating Disorders Association or have a chat to your GP. Please speak to someone soon.

lunavix Wed 23-Feb-05 10:34:45

I think first you need to sit down, and calm down.

I'm sure you know (deep down anyways) that eating one bad thing won't have a major impact on your body so try not to panic now.

It sounds like you need to have (or continue? don't know your history obviously) some counselling to help you. DOn't shrug that off, try and get some asap as you sound like you know this is a path you don't want to go down.

Thinking of you hun.

whatscomeoverme Wed 23-Feb-05 10:36:23

It will. I can't get fatter than I already am. I hate being so fat

trefusis Wed 23-Feb-05 10:38:05

Message withdrawn

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