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Pre-menstrual tension

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colette Tue 22-Feb-05 14:10:55

Has anyone found anything that actually works?
I am sure it is worse since having children, I am so irritable(sp) and do not sleep propely and feel quite weepy for about a week to ten days per month. I am actually better once my period has started, but it only leaves about 2 weeks per month when I feel non-hormonal iykwim.

suzywong Tue 22-Feb-05 14:14:50

it is far worse si nce having kids isn't it?
I asked a naturopath at a pharmacy over here in Australia and got a herbal mixtue which I think took the edge off the rage, maybe a naturopath would be helpful for you

colette Tue 22-Feb-05 14:27:26

Thanks suzywong
Is a naturopath like a herbalist?

suzywong Tue 22-Feb-05 21:48:34

no, in as much as they advise on pre-packaged rememdies over here but may be different in UK

The stuff I got was made by Metagenics and called imaginatively Femme Premenstrual and was a blend of vitamins and minerals and herbs.

colette Wed 23-Feb-05 11:53:25

I have had a quick look at their website and they are selling to practioners only. I will do more searches later and see if I van find a uk supplier. Thanks for your reply

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