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Pelvic pain 6 weeks after d&c - any advice?

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Enid Wed 12-Feb-03 13:21:24

I had to have a d&c for a retained placenta just after Christmas (dd2 born mid-October). It seemed to go very well and I haven't had any bleeding since and have generally been feeling OK. However, for the last week or so I have had a continual 'dragging' pain on my left side, its a bit like an ovulation pain (if anyone knows what thats like). For the last couple of days its been really niggling, and now my lower back is really sore too. My whole tummy and pelvic region is starting to feel very achey. Just typing this has made me think I should go and see my gp but I'd hate to think I was wasting his time - what do you think??

suedonim Wed 12-Feb-03 13:32:36

I don't think you would be wasting anyone's time, Enid, to get it checked out. Maybe you're brewing up an infection or is there any possiblity you could have an ectopic pregnancy? Hope you feel better soon.

bundle Wed 12-Feb-03 13:37:17

do go & see someone Enid, even if it's nothing they won't think you're a time-waster given your recent gynae history.

Marina Thu 13-Feb-03 10:52:39

Like the others, I definitely think it is worth getting checked out. I am sure your GP will not think you are wasting his time, either. Go make that appointment, I am sure it's nothing serious but it sounds miserable. Hope you can get it resolved soon.

suedonim Fri 21-Feb-03 11:09:06

Enid, how are you? I noticed you weren't around for a few days, although you've popped up again now. Hope everything is ok.

Marina Fri 21-Feb-03 11:11:57

You mentioned on another thread a check-up for an ectopic...but that this was not the cause of the pain. How are you doing, Enid?

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