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My hair is falling out at a vast rate - advice, please

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KiwiKat Sun 07-Sep-08 15:57:08

(Also posted this on the Conception thread, in case you're thinking the question looks familiar.)
Apart from the fact that I'd prefer my hair to stay on my head, rather than circling the bath plug hole, I wondered whether this might be connected to low progesterone? I had a short lp which I've managed to get up to 14 or 15 days (depending on whether the witch arrives today or tomorrow) with Vitamin B complex and Agnus Castus, but my temps in the lp have been very low - in fact, my temps in general are often quite low. Today is CD29, and waking temp was 96.5. So, obviously not pregnant , but also worried about the low progesterone etc. Any thoughts, tips etc? Am heading off to the GP tomorrow to get some tests underway.

SalVolatile Sun 07-Sep-08 16:00:34

Yes, ask for thyroid function tests. Irregular periods, hair loss, low body temperature, difficulty conceiving etc can all be symptoms of an underactive thyroid. Good luck with getting it sorted out.

KiwiKat Mon 08-Sep-08 13:56:59

SalVolatile, many thanks for the advice.

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