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research help needed from mothers who didn't vomit in pregnancy

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tatt Tue 22-Feb-05 06:12:53

This group is conducting research to help mothers who vomit badly in pregnancy - but they need some controls who didn't to try and identify why women get this problem.

The survey began last year but they need more responses from women who didn't have hyperemesis.

(Posting this again with a different heading to see if I can get some volunteers.)

morningmayhem Tue 22-Feb-05 07:03:24

I have done a link here

suzywong Tue 22-Feb-05 07:17:47

if you have browser cookies disabled it won't let you get past resistering ....grrr

JanH Tue 22-Feb-05 09:03:39

Well I registered and got going but then ran into unanswerable questions - an early question asks if you had any nausea or sickness in any pregnancy, and I did, so I was apparently routed to the hyperemesis version of the questionnaire. I had no nausea at all with my first though and there are some compulsory questions with no "no nausea" option so I gave up. (I also struggled with my ethnicity, there are so many options in a US survey!)

Sorry, tatt. Badly designed survey.

pedilia Tue 22-Feb-05 09:40:57

done but a bit confusing and not clear at times

Flossam Tue 22-Feb-05 10:17:48

Can't finish it. Have tried but it keeps telling me I have not entered all required fields. I've checked 3 times and can't see that I have missed anything.

Pinotmum Tue 22-Feb-05 10:25:08

I'll have a go at this later as my sister suffered terribly with her first pregnancy and was hospitalised.

Bozza Tue 22-Feb-05 10:45:58

I finished it but it seemed to assume that everyone suffered badly from ms whereas although I was nauseous at certain times of day for much of first trimester I only vomitted once per pg. JanH I just put Western European.

tatt Tue 22-Feb-05 10:47:23

Thanks to everyone who has tried. I agree that in places its a badly designed survey but still felt I had to try and help. Don't worry Flossam I got a similar message but they still seem to be able to use your details.

JanH Tue 22-Feb-05 11:30:13

I put white, not Hispanic!

DecafArabica Tue 22-Feb-05 19:47:31

I'm same as JanH and felt a bit of a fraud completing it with my extremely minor and vague nausea which for some reason only ever happened on either 274 or 73 bus routes (other buses fine).

Lonelymum Tue 22-Feb-05 19:50:23

I put white not hispanic too because I hadn't realsied at this point that it was an American questionnaire. Found the whole thing a bit boring really as I had nothing to report and did not even know my weight gain/loss! But if it helps someone, I'm glad I did it.

Kimber Thu 24-Feb-05 23:30:36

Hi there. I'm with the HER Foundation and am sorry for the inconvenience with the survey. We have fixed the issue such that you will be directed to the appropriate questions. If you care to do the survey again (this one is shorter), you and either email me and ask me to delete your data, or you can just change your initials (just use 2 instead of 3) and log on as a new participant. If you do log on and do it again, it would be helpful if you mentioned that in the comment field so I can make sure it gets deleted appropriately. Again, I'm very sorry for the frustration!

The survey is not very exciting, but very helpful to our research efforts on hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. By answering the survey, you can help us see what is different (i.e. complication rates, birth size averages, etc.) between women with HG and those who do not have HG.

A few have expressed concern over ethnicity. As with most medical research surveys, it's a standard question. And, yes, this is a US survey, but the data will be reported for all countries that participate. Ethnicity is only used to identify if there is a high incidence of a disorder among one ethnicity. The list of choices was a standard list for use in surveys and not designed by us. If you did not see one appropriate for you, feel free to just put what you feel is appropriate into the text box.

I hope that clarifies your questions. Thank you so very much for participating. We really do need input from as many moms like you as possible. Feel free to refer others to the survey. By far, most of our site visitors come from either the US or the UK. We value your input and are happy to be able to help so many women in the UK! If we can do anything to make our site more comfortable or appropriate for the UK, please feel free to email me.

Kimber MacGibbon
HER Foundation

mummytojames Fri 25-Feb-05 00:41:17

done it

colinsmommy Fri 25-Feb-05 00:43:44

I just saw it was for people from the U. S. too, so I just did it.

melsy Fri 25-Feb-05 08:33:42

done it

JanH Fri 25-Feb-05 10:49:53

Kimber, I tried again but I've just got stuck at the same point - section 2 Q15 - "How many months (approximately) did these triggers significantly affect your nausea and vomiting? (For example, if your nausea continued until delivery, but was only worsened by the triggers for 3 months, respond with 3 months.)" The options available are 1 month - 9 months; there is no "no nausea" or "0 months".

I did have quite severe nausea with second pg, so said "yes" to the defining Q on the front page, but had none at all with first pg, which is the one I'm trying to answer. Help!

DecafArabica Fri 25-Feb-05 19:29:28

that's the same problem I had

piffle Fri 25-Feb-05 19:44:26

I had my first pregnancy with no vomiting or sickness but hyperemesis really badly in my 2nd...
I am teeing up whether a third is workable?

Posey Fri 25-Feb-05 20:45:41

Just completed it. Quite straightforward if you had no nausea or vomitting!

Kaz33 Fri 25-Feb-05 20:59:51

done and duly bumped

Kimber Sun 27-Feb-05 20:56:34

Hi all who have participated - Just wanted to say thanks! It sounds like it is overall going much better now! It is a survey for anyone from any country. We welcome participants from outside the US! There is little research being conducted on HG, esp outside the US and we are concerned about it worldwide!

Hi JanH - Sorry it was confusing. It is rare to find a woman with no symptoms at all in one pregnancy and quite severe ones in others. Just select one month and if you think of it, add to the comment box that you didn't have any nausea and I'll manually change it. Thanks again for helping! We really do appreciate it!


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