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dp vasectomy Tuesday, aside from no more babies and a week or two off being propositioned what else can you all tell me that I NEED to know to "support" him

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Piffle Sat 06-Sep-08 21:35:38

that's it really
Am feeling his fear

whomovedmychocolate Sat 06-Sep-08 21:41:07

He will have sore bollocks - goes without saying but be kind to him. Have his favourite food ready and promise him an extra cold beer (he can rest it on his crotch to cool things down) wink

Also can he please tell me DH how simple and painless it is afterwards (willing to bribe him to say so!) hmm

Sidge Sat 06-Sep-08 21:41:28

He will literally need supporting - if he normally wears boxers then buy him some briefs!

He will be sore. Very sore. Let him off the hoovering for a while and don't let the children jump on his goolies.

Also don't stop using contraception until you've had the all clear. My DHs vasectomy hasn't worked and he's waiting for a redo.

MrsWednesday Sat 06-Sep-08 21:43:01

A bag of frozen peas to put on his bits afterwards. And make sure he doesn't do any heavy lifting.

Lots of sympathetic murmurings (resist the temptation to yell 'you're not the only one who's had their nether regions stitched up you know' when he complains about the pain).

SqueakyPop Sat 06-Sep-08 21:44:08

Try not to giggle too much. grin

Majeika Sat 06-Sep-08 21:44:29

yep. second all that and be pleased that he is having it done. My dh refuses on the grounds his willy might fall off! hmm so I m looking into being sterilised!

Tell him how proud you are of him.

policywonk Sat 06-Sep-08 21:44:57

I was going to tell you that he'd need to wear a sanitary towel for a while shock - then I remembered that that's for a circumcision <ouchio>

BibiThree Sat 06-Sep-08 21:45:47

tight briefs, ice packs, prepare for him to be the one in a thousand that has complications, dh did and was off work for 3 weeks not 3 days. coudl barely walk poor love.

keep a cushion handy at all times so the kids don't jump on him too.

AnotherFineMess Sat 06-Sep-08 21:47:12

Yep, the tightest pants you can find are the best 'support' you can offer grin

Get him some strong painkillers and remind him to take them regularly for first 2-3 days after.

As Sidge says, keep small children away from the trauma site!

And for goodness sake, don't let your littlest put a sticky little handprint on his linen trousers the day he goes for 'the procedure'...cue wobbly chins from both of us when we saw it as he got undressed...

But having said all that, I was really impressed by how fast and straightfprward ot was. DH regularly 'almost passes out' with man-fl etc, but he was very brave about this!He'll be absolutely fine in a week or so.

whomovedmychocolate Sat 06-Sep-08 21:47:41

Slight swelling may occur grin

Blandmum Sat 06-Sep-08 21:48:41

Good underpants

BibiThree Sat 06-Sep-08 21:49:30

dh says to take his pain seriously grin
i didn't, thought he was faking until i saw the state he was in down there

Piffle Sat 06-Sep-08 21:50:14

I had a laparotomy emergency ectopic surgery 04
Laparoscopy adhesion op 05
An appendix out when 20 wks pregnant 06
But 3 easy births!
Will use current contraceptive plan
Too drunk/tired/hormonal/stressed/ on neverending period grin

I also have boob reduction (medical reasons) dec08)

He gets off lightly
Have bought new curry book and 60 bog off beers in sympathy!

Pannacotta Sat 06-Sep-08 21:51:15

My DH found that the ice packs I used after having stitches really helped (feme pads or sth like that?), he was told to wear two sets of tight pants so could leave the ice pack inbetween IYKWIM.
And have plenty of painkillers (and booze) in the house.

Piffle Sat 06-Sep-08 21:53:24

we have nice Charlie and Lola ice pack ready...

Pannacotta Sat 06-Sep-08 22:54:50

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 06-Sep-08 22:58:13

Tight pants
They will (or should) give him some strong painkillers. Don't let him do what my DH did - wait until the anaesthetic wears off "to see how painful it is". Just take the bloody things

Prepare yourself for the most spectacular bruising.

And leave him to it. If he complains too much, remind him how many babies you have had.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 06-Sep-08 22:59:45

my dh was astonishingly fine. Was expecting to have to nurse him or something but after a day off work he went back and was cycling a week or so later. Mind you, if he ever complains about something then I know its pretty serious.

expatinscotland Sat 06-Sep-08 23:02:13

ohyoubadbad, my DH also has an incredibly high pain threshhold.

he's going to get snipped after this one is born.

hard to imagine its being worse than this fecking pain under my left rib that is probably my gallbladder filling up with stones, the drug-free delivery and 'graze' i sustained with DD2 or the forceps delivery with DD1 and post-partum infection i got.

BettySwollux Sat 06-Sep-08 23:05:45

Sanitary pads give a bit extra support (DHs tubes were behind scrotum, so they had to 'dig deep').
His friend suggested pads, and DH was a bit hmm at the thought, but I bought some anyway.
He sent his friend a thankyou card grin.
Lay flat (or sit really still) for at least 12 hours after.
I packed DH off to bed with strong painkillers.

cheshirekitty Sun 07-Sep-08 10:10:31

I know of a doc who did his own with the use of a mirror. Went straight back to work after he had done the deed!!!

Not to be recommanded.

tink123 Sun 07-Sep-08 17:10:13

Dh got over discomfort in a few days and was back at work as normal. No major drama which is unusual for dh.

DumbledoresGirl Sun 07-Sep-08 17:12:47

Be prepared not to get the all-clear for some time afterward the minimum time they say (is that 3 months? I forget). Anyway, my dh did not get the all clear for well over a year! shock

SoupDragon Sun 07-Sep-08 17:15:40

Think how supportive he was of your post-birth pain and base your level of support on that

summer111 Sun 07-Sep-08 17:20:07

dh was amazed as he had little or no fact he came home after the procedure and cooked dinner..he did walk like John Wayne for a couple of days though!! The worst bit for him was the pubic regrowth which was REALLY itchy grin

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