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Varicose veins

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Linnet Mon 21-Feb-05 23:23:59

Are Varicose veins itchy?

My right calf has been very itchy this past week or so and tonight I've noticed that it is itchy where there seems to be a vein.

Could this be a sign of a varicose vein beginning?

And if it is what can I do to prevent it?

toomanypushchairs Mon 21-Feb-05 23:39:41

Don't think you can do anything to stop them, yes they can itch. Don't sit cross legged that makes them worse and can make you get more of them. must be hereditory(is that how you spell it?)i have them , so does my mum, her parents....

Linnet Tue 22-Feb-05 10:35:23


joesy Tue 22-Feb-05 10:38:13

Wear support tights and sit with your legs up as much as possible. If it is itchy try witch hazel.
Our family all have bad varicose veins.

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