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Nappy cream

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babyOcho Sat 06-Sep-08 01:41:35

DD (6mo) has got nappy rash due to the increase of dirty nappies from teething.

We have been using Weleda and I was wondering a couple of things:

1. Do we slap it on, or do we only put on a thin layer?

2. How long will it take to clear up?

I've had her play with no nappy on today for about 2 hours as well. Anything else we should be doing??

SecetMnetter Sat 06-Sep-08 02:14:08

Sounds like you are doing everything right, but if you use wipes maybe switch to water and cotton wool for a bit. I always find it help DD's nappy rash to clear up a bit faster.

babyOcho Sat 06-Sep-08 03:05:20

we only use cotton wool and water when at home. when out we use natures babycare wipes - are there better wipes that we can use??

How long should I expect it to clear up? Weeks, days?

SecetMnetter Sat 06-Sep-08 08:35:19

Thats good then, no I don't think there are any better wipes that you can use. I know of some people who take a small bottle of water out with them and cotton wool. I do occasionally have to do this for DD but not often.

What nappy cream do you use usually? I use fullers earth cream and it is really good. DD never had a nappy rash until she started teething. The fullers earth cream works wonders.
I use it at every other nappy change and when she gets the first signs of a rash I use it at every nappy change.

It shouldn't take long to clear up I don't think a few days maybe a week or so, depends on how sensitive your DD's skin is.

HTH smile

babyOcho Sun 07-Sep-08 05:44:59

i thought about taking a bottle of water out with us today, but thought that was a bit mad hmm

use Weleda nappy cream. will look into fullers... someone was talking about fullers paste on another thread, same thing?

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