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Any suggestions for removing the smell of vomit from carpet!?

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Jane64 Tue 11-Feb-03 21:42:25

Sorry, I know it's unpleasant! DS was sick all over the carpet at the weekend and I can't get the smell out - does anyone have any good suggestions?

clucks Tue 11-Feb-03 21:46:06

I have heard that diluted soda crystals do this kind of thing and pee smell too apparently.

AngieL Tue 11-Feb-03 21:46:20

My ds was sick on my carpet several times a few weeks ago. I got rid of the smell in the end by washing the affected areas with some washing powder.


Scatterbrain Tue 11-Feb-03 21:46:22

I've found Febreze pretty good for this sort of thing !!

Good Luck - It's vile isn't it ?

janh Tue 11-Feb-03 22:57:01

Just answered this and then my computer went berserk. Here goes again:

Have you tried bicarb at all, Jane? You can buy a big cheap box at the chemist. Make a weak solution with water, rub it in, let it dry, vac it out - neutralises most nasty niffs. It's good for car sickness too as it doesn't damage the upholstery.

If any smell is left you could Febreze over the top. Good luck - it is horrible!

Ghosty Wed 12-Feb-03 06:28:01

Aaaah ... vomit and carpets ... know it well!
When we lived in the UK we used '1001' Carpet spray ... it worked a dream - got rid of stains and the smell ...
They don't have that in NZ but now we use something called 'Resolve' ... not as good but it works (not that DS throws up any more but it did to the trick with poo smells and stains when we were potty training!)
Oh isn't parenthood lovely???

Carla Wed 12-Feb-03 07:58:20

We were in this situation about a fortnight ago when both dds chucked up in the living room almost simultaneously. Despite bunging the sofa and cushion covers in the washing machine and Vac'ing the carpet, I think the problem with sick is that there's always going to be one tiny inconspicuous wet patch (ie with no bits in it- sorry!)that escapes your notice but not your nose. It's as frustrating as hell but if it's any consolation, we couldn't smell it after a week (either that or we got used to it!!!)

Before I had children my sister, who's a nursery teacher, always said that she'd far rather deal with children's poo than sick and I could NEVER understand it. Now I know why - and at least poo is a helpful colour!

EmmaTMG Wed 12-Feb-03 08:12:48

Oh I'm so glad I read this thread as my 2 DS's always manage to be sick all over the carpet/bedcover/furniture and I have scubbed and scubbed and used bottles of Fabreze but still the smell lingers fors days. Infact now whenever I smell Fabreze I just associate it with sick and think it's an equally revolting smell now.
Will get some soda crystals today in preparation for the next event.

Carla Wed 12-Feb-03 09:10:53

Just a footnote to my last message - three days later DH and I suffered the same fate.

DD1 came up the stairs to let me know that daddy was being sick, only to witness me in the same situation. She watched in awe and cheerily offered me this sound advice: `You'd better get all that in the bowl, Mummy, else it'll be you who has to clean it up!'

Nothing like knowing your station in life .....

janh Wed 12-Feb-03 09:39:10

EmmaTMG, know what you mean about associating the smell - we had a bug go through the whole family ages ago and at the time the disinfectant I had was pink and pot-pourri-scented (they don't make exotic smells any more do they? Just pine and lemon again - wonder why!) and I couldn't bear it after that, had to throw it away and get something different. Yeuch.

sis Wed 12-Feb-03 10:23:21

Yep, definately go for the soda bicarb solution - it is the only thing that has worked in our house.

sed Wed 12-Feb-03 10:52:32

I'd go with Ghosty - '1001 carpet cleaner' is the stuff

tigermoth Wed 12-Feb-03 11:08:15

....or Marks and Sparks fabric and carpet cleaner. Never without it in our house.

Jane64 Wed 12-Feb-03 15:56:27


rosehip Wed 12-Feb-03 16:22:22

I usually scrape, use fairy liquid with water, disinfectant and if still a whiff use Frebreeze.

Allthenamesareusedup Sun 20-Dec-15 19:26:02

Sorry to revive a ghost thread, but having despaired (and raged) only half an hour ago at potentially never getting the stench of vomit out of my favourite rug, I googled it and found this thread, and am in utter disbelief at the marvellous stench destroying power of bicarbonate of soda. So, janh and sis, if you are still mumsnetters, I am forever grateful for your advice.

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