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if you had bleeding mid cycle would you assume your next period would be late?

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wannaBe Fri 05-Sep-08 12:35:39

ok slightly complicated...

had a fairly short period last month, and after it finished, I had some pain on one side of my abdomen. thought I might be pg or even have an ectopic so did test which was neg. Went to gp who diagnosed a water infection and prescribed antibiotics. Pain etc gone within a couple of days. However about a week later (two weeks into cycle) had more bleeding, not heavy, enough to need a pad for a couple of days but nothing overly heavy.

So technically, I should have been due on last saturday and there is no sign of a period. But am wonder if because I had some bleeding mid cycle this will affect when my actual af should arrive? have dr apt on monday to discuss the bleeding but am wondering if this is something which I should be ve concerned about?

LackaDAISYcal Fri 05-Sep-08 12:43:34

I would do another pregnancy test, last one might have been negative as it was a bit too early? the mid cycle bleed could have been an implantation bleed and what you thought was a light period can be quite common iirc.

Don't know whether mid cycle bleeding would make your period late though, but I wouldn't imagine it would. Depends on the reason for the bleed I suppose.

sorry, that wasn't much help, was it? blush

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