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has anyone had colonic irrigation?

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scampadoodle Mon 21-Feb-05 16:02:43

& if so, what did you think? Does anyone know of a good practitioner in North London? Thanks.

turquoise Mon 21-Feb-05 16:06:01

I've heard the Hale Clinic in Regent's Park is good.

scampadoodle Mon 21-Feb-05 16:08:18

Did you hear that from someone you know, Turquoise? I did have them in mind. It's for dh, BTW. I am completely stuck as to what to get him for his birthday & he's always fancied (!) it.

vict17 Mon 21-Feb-05 16:10:02

colonic irrigation for his birthday?!!!

mrspink27 Mon 21-Feb-05 16:11:26

thast a bit like my SIL who bought her dh a vasectomy for xmas!

turquoise Mon 21-Feb-05 16:11:59

Yes, I know a couple of people who've been. He should detox for a week or two first to get maximum benefit though.

scampadoodle Mon 21-Feb-05 16:12:21

I know, I know! But I am completely desperate as to what to get him - birthday this Saturday - & he has always wanted to try it. Thinks it will Clear Him Out.

scampadoodle Mon 21-Feb-05 16:13:17

Good tip re the detox, Turquoise, thanks.

Cod Mon 21-Feb-05 16:46:47

Message withdrawn

anorak Mon 21-Feb-05 16:53:28

Hi scamp. I used to go to a practitioner in North London who was very good, her name was Julia Barnes - I expect you can find her in the phone book. Lovely lady who looks so glowing-with-health herself that you can't help believing she knows a thing or two. She uses an holistic approach with dietary advice and knows all about supplements too.

alibubbles Tue 22-Feb-05 07:16:05

Hi Anorak, how's things, I've not been on the threads for a while as been a bit out of ssorts due to my kidney probs and hospital.
How are things with your daughter?

I'd like to find more about your practitioner as I want to have this done. Whrereabouts in North London?

anorak Tue 22-Feb-05 11:50:39

Hi alibubbles.

Julia was in Hammersmith when I used to go to her. More west than north I suppose. She set up her new clinic just as I stopped going due to moving away and having a baby. So not sure if she is still in the exact same area.

alibubbles why not come along to one of our meet-ups soon. We have wondered where you had disappeared to. Hope you are feeling better.

LipstickMum Tue 22-Feb-05 12:18:03

I'd love to have one! Am pregnant with my second baby, so basically have been constipated for the best part of 2 years It will be top of my list when I stop breastfeeding later this year. My friend is going for one this w/e I can't wait to hear what it's like!!

scampadoodle Thu 24-Feb-05 11:49:21

I found a listing for Julia Barnes: here

anorak Thu 24-Feb-05 12:07:35

Oh yes scampadoodle, just had a look, that'll be her. She used to practise at the Brackenbury centre when I used to go and see her.

scampadoodle Thu 24-Feb-05 12:10:54

Not too attractive, is she? not sure I want some blonde bombshell sticking a tube up dh's a**e!

NomDePlume Thu 24-Feb-05 12:12:33

PMSL @ a colonic for a birthady

anorak Thu 24-Feb-05 12:16:00

Sorry to tell you...she is blonde and gorgeous.

But so will you be when you enter the wonderful cleansing world of Julia Barnes and her magic tubing.

scampadoodle Thu 24-Feb-05 12:35:27

NomDePlume, dh is the most difficult man to buy for...he doesn't like gadgets or anything, is v fussy about music, buys loads of books for himself all the time, & with his birthday being so near Christmas I use up all my ideas then. & he's been saying for ages he wants CI. I'll give him the option of that or a massage - I'll organise & pay for it & look after the kids while he has it etc.

alibubbles Fri 25-Feb-05 09:28:58

Well, I've done it, I have booked an appointment to have one done. There is someone about 5 miles away from us anorak, in Leavesden.

I'll let you know how I get on!

anorak Fri 25-Feb-05 09:36:10

Yes, please do. I might start going again myself.

scampadoodle Fri 25-Feb-05 11:14:23

I just called Julia Barnes & got her answerphone - she's got one of those very sooooooooothing voices....

alibubbles Mon 21-Mar-05 11:53:19


I had one on saturday!!

It was fantastic, so calming and relaxing. I can't wait to have the next one, but she says I don't need to have one more than once a month.

I felt so light headed and fresh, lost all the bloating in my stomach and strangely enough my eyes feel so bright, whereas my eyes are my weak spot as have lots of problems with them due to no tear ducts, so can't cry! They feel clean instead of gritty, but when I think about it, the chinese look at your eyes to see how healthy you are etc.

I would thoroughly reccomend it, and the lady I went to was really lovely.
She asked me if I liked tomatoes and aubergines, I'd had ratatouille a week ago!!

mummytosteven Mon 21-Mar-05 11:55:10

does have it done make you lose a bit of weight as well?

suzywong Mon 21-Mar-05 11:57:10

I'm going to have one soon, got to get a summer's worth of barbies out of my colon

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