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Havent got time or money for a gym!

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TiredBunny Mon 21-Feb-05 11:29:33

Just bought myself a new exercise bike - its one of the recumberant ones where your feet are out in front and you have a back rest. Its great and my dd (3) loves sitting on my knee while i use it - she thinks its some sort of ride for her!! Anyone else got one. This only cost £119 which is the same as 2 months gym mebership. With this and sit ups I SHOULD be in shape in no time!!!

TiredBunny Tue 22-Feb-05 10:14:19

What else can i do at home to get fit??? Any ideas?

Chuffed Tue 22-Feb-05 10:22:42

push ups - skipping - hoola hoop - think back to circuit classes in school things like burpees, star jumps - step ups and maybe have a timer for 30secs a pop with things like push ups and crunchies in between the things like star jumps.

TiredBunny Tue 22-Feb-05 10:55:14

burpees is that where you put your hands down and jump Can't skip to save my life...totally uncoordinated!

grumpyfrumpy Tue 22-Feb-05 10:58:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bozza Tue 22-Feb-05 11:03:19

Well five months off-peak at my not very special gym....

But good luck anyway. I need to be paying the monthly gym fee to motivate myself to go but sounds like you have more willpower than me!

handlemecarefully Tue 22-Feb-05 11:35:33


There are gyms and there are gyms. The private ones are more expensive, but you will probably find a local authority's fitness /leisure centre in your area which are generally quite affordable

MrsDoolittle Tue 22-Feb-05 11:37:28

HMC - Do you have to??
Here I was, happy in the knowledge that I am not exercsing because I can't afford to go to the gym.

handlemecarefully Tue 22-Feb-05 11:38:31

Sorry to burst your bubble!

Chuffed Tue 22-Feb-05 11:47:16

burpees are those things where you go down into a crouch with your hands on the ground in front of you, then jump your legs back into a push up position then jump them back in (or run them out and in) and then stand up.
The more you do things like skip the better you'll get and it would be fun for your dd to do some of these things with you too I bet.

I too need a gym as I like classes but definately good luck!

MrsDoolittle Tue 22-Feb-05 11:47:35

Oh that's okay!
Thank of me as bubble wrap!! I've lots more

TiredBunny Tue 22-Feb-05 12:38:53

I would love to go tho the gym and need to motivate myself to do it at home but I havent got anyone to sit on a regular basis with dd. I looked at a real posh gyn because it had the lovely jacuzzi and cafe etc.... wouldve been a treat for me. The cheaper gym i looked at was freezing, really basic, no music, nowhere for a coffee and no atmosphere so i just left it. I can have a cuppa whilst I am cycling at home and type on here at the same time! LOL

handlemecarefully Tue 22-Feb-05 12:45:52

whatever works for you Tiredbunny. Good luck with the fitness campaign.

LipstickMum Tue 22-Feb-05 12:47:32

TiredBunny, those Swiss ball/exercise ball things are very good for working out abs and they generally come with a small book giving you a whole variety of other exercises to strengthen and tone various parts of your body. I think you should be very careful when using it though, it obviously rolls around and you have to be careful not to do yourself any damage!

Good for sitting on too and kids tend to love playing with them.

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