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what can I do for a trapped nerve?

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SPARKLER1 Mon 21-Feb-05 10:01:31

Well I'm assuming it's a trapped nerve. Yesterday I bent down getting dds toys out and felt an awful pain in my right lower back. I ended up on a heap on the floor and couldn't get up for ages as everytime I moved I had a terrible pain. Later the pain moved down the top of my leg for a short while. I now have a very sore area and am afraid to move around too much as it keeps "catching". Have taken Ibuprofen but not sure what else I can do.
DDs have gone back to school/preschool today and I had so much to be getting on with around the house - it's like a bombsite. I am now laying in bed with the laptop - gonna try and get some sleep in a bit.

CrazyandConfused Mon 21-Feb-05 10:04:40

Hope you get well soon, both my dh and I use accupuncture or our wonderful chiropractor(sp?) good luck hope you have good sleep! will miss your comments though

jabberwocky Mon 21-Feb-05 10:05:23

Ice is always a good thing. 20 mnutes on, 20 minutes off.

SPARKLER1 Mon 21-Feb-05 10:11:10

It's a horrible pain it's making me feel quite nauseous.

CrazyandConfused Mon 21-Feb-05 10:12:51

Phone doctor sometimes you can have injection for pain and nauseaget well soon

jabberwocky Mon 21-Feb-05 10:12:56

If it's that bad it could be a bulging disc. I had the same thing once only higher up. Chiropractor did the trick but it took several visits. Do you have any muscle relaxers?

SPARKLER1 Mon 21-Feb-05 10:18:36

It's not actually in the middle of my back more to the right towards my hips. Doesn't feel like I have put my back out. Just a very sharp pain like it's linked to a nerve. Am hoping it will just go on it's own with painkillers.

CrazyandConfused Mon 21-Feb-05 10:22:19

Sparkler1 do you live in Scotland? can reccomend a brill chiropractor who also does alternative medicine(accupuncture) for very reasonable price and before dh found him he was going to someone every two weeks now he sees him once every two or three years!!!!

SPARKLER1 Mon 21-Feb-05 10:24:22

Not in Scotland in fact I'm right down the other end of the UK. Poole Dorset! Thanks for thinking of me though. x

CrazyandConfused Mon 21-Feb-05 10:26:06

Sorry Sparkler1 I hope you get help soon! back and nerve pain no fun

jabberwocky Mon 21-Feb-05 10:26:19

Don't forget the ice! Try not to reach for a heating pad. It can make things like this worse, although a warm bath might help.

SPARKLER1 Mon 21-Feb-05 10:27:58

Thanks everyone. x

CrazyandConfused Mon 21-Feb-05 10:30:07

Sparkler1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You naughty girl!!!!!!!!!!!Just read another thread about sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? could that have anything to do with problem???????????????? just kidding!!!!!!!!!!

SPARKLER1 Mon 21-Feb-05 10:32:09

PMSL - Didn't think about that!! Nah my back went yesterday - the "other" happened a couple of nights ago and it was fine afterwards. <<<here's hoping>>> - imagine going to the docs and explaining that one!!!!

SPARKLER1 Mon 21-Feb-05 10:32:53

oooohh - ouch - DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH

jodee Mon 21-Feb-05 20:18:42

Ouch Sparkler, you poor thing, just seen this. I've just been nursing DH for 2 weeks with a slipped disc and excruciating pain, though he's back at work now but needs to see a chiropractor. Don't want to give conflicting advice, but you could try a hot water bottle on the affected area, that worked really well for DH. Take it easy, hope you feel better soon, hon.

P.S. Off to find the 'naughty' thread now!

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