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Twisted Testicle - is this serious?

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FeelingLucky Wed 03-Sep-08 16:54:06

DH is in hospital with what we think is twisted testicle. Due to see a urologist who think they may have to operate tonight.
Sounds serious and am a bit in shock about possibility of undergoing op as quickly as tonight.
Anyone else had experience of this.

Also, if they operate tonight want to go and be with him but have no childcare. Do you think it would be possible to take my 15 month old DD with me?

AvenaLife Wed 03-Sep-08 22:40:17

Sorry, I've only just seen your thread.
They sometimes remove the testicle if the blood supply has been compromised or it is too badly twisted. sad It's called a tortioned testicle. I don't think they would let you take dd with you because of the other patients.

Are you OK?

kiddiz Wed 03-Sep-08 23:29:07

My ds1 had a twisted testicle aged 9. He had been complaining of a pain in his groin for a couple of days but because he has a heredity condition that affects his joints he is quite often in pain so I just gave him pain killers. I eventually took him to the gp after 3 days and he realised that the pain was in his testicle and sent him to hospital. The doctor in a&e was really unkind and told me off for not takng him sooner...I didn't even know testicles could even get twisted and had a reasonable explanation for his pain. A&E doctor told me he would probably lose his testicle because of the delay in operating but when they operated they were able to save it. Ds also has huge problems with anaesthetic because of his disability so it was all a bit stressful but all was well in the end. Hope your DH is fine too.

kiddiz Wed 03-Sep-08 23:32:15

BTW my DD was 5 months at the time and my DH had to take time off work to stay with ds1 because I was breast feedng and they wouldn't let me take dd on the ward. He was discharged the next day though so not too bad.

Earthymama Thu 04-Sep-08 00:19:58

Yes it needs to be treated asap, my son had this op when he was 12 years old, as an emergency. The doctors really emphasised how urgent it is to have it sorted quickly.

Don't take DD, my mum's just contracted C.diff and it's not nice.

Feel for you re not being there, though, where are you, i'm a childminder in south Wales if that's any help.

(Because I'm registered not that I'd want paying smile)

FeelingLucky Thu 04-Sep-08 06:48:40

Thanks for your replies everyone.
DH is now home and it turns out it was an infection [huge sigh of relief] otherwise they were going to have to remove his testicle immediately.

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