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Chickenpox - non-immune DH

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biscuitytrousers Wed 03-Sep-08 16:29:37

Hi, DD has just been diagnosed with chickenpox. DH has never had it. the doc suggested that he should keep away from DD until she's no longer contagious (i.e 7 days?). Would you go along with this? i know it's horrible to catch when you're an adult (DH is 32) but surely better to catch it now than when you're really old?? I'm just not sure he'll be able to keep away from DD at the weekend (he doesn't tend to see her during the week anyway as works long hours).

AMumInScotland Wed 03-Sep-08 16:48:38

It depends just how inconvenient it would be for him to get sick - he'd be off work till he stopped being contagious himself, which could be difficult for some people. And whether you think he's better getting it now than, as you say, when he's older - but balance that against the fact that he might manage to never catch it...

PortAndLemon Wed 03-Sep-08 16:53:38

If I were an adult who'd never had it, I'd look into getting vaccinated privately.

Are you prepared for him to be completely confined to bed for two weeks and having to be waited on hand and foot (by you, presumably)? For him to have pox over the inside of his oesophagus so that he can't eat anything? The two fathers at DS's nursery who've caught it from their DCs have been very ill indeed and one of them had to be hospitalised.

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 03-Sep-08 16:58:16

If he was around her before her spots came up then it's prob too late to start avoiding her!

Dh and dd got it together in Jan this year. Not nice, but he doesn't seem to have suffered as much as a lot of adults that I've heard about (he was 42 at the time fwiw).

hazeyjane Wed 03-Sep-08 17:04:40

My dh had chickenpox a few months ago, after dd's, he felt like crap for a few days, and had a week off work. He said it felt like having flu. Like can'tsleep said, I expect if he's going to catch it, it's too late!

Good luck!

biscuitytrousers Wed 03-Sep-08 18:57:43

Thanks all!

krugerparkrules Wed 03-Sep-08 19:08:08

biscuitytrousers if it helps my 3 brothers had it when we were youg, i never got it and neither did my dad - apparently not every one get its! I hope so as my dd has just being diagnosed with it, and i am holding thumbs i dont get it ... but as another poster said its too late, the infection, and spreading it, starts a few days before the spots start ....
good luck to your dh!

Beeper Thu 04-Sep-08 12:24:54

The vaccination for Chicken pox is basically a failure, if you look at the studies loads of people and children are getting it in the USA. And people are getting shingles from it also.

tink123 Thu 04-Sep-08 16:01:36

My dh ended up with multi organ failure in ITU and almost died with a temp of 41.2oc that would not come down.

I was called in middle of night cos he was so poorly.

This is rare but it can happen

Beeper Thu 04-Sep-08 16:14:31

tink this is why vaxxing kids is so dangerous as it makes a chilhood disease into a adult killer whrn the vaxx wears off.

walkinthewoods Thu 04-Sep-08 16:22:43

I thought my dh was being a bit wuss when he started complaining about feeling ill (dd had cp). I said no way are you going to get it. On the day he had an important seminar he came out in a god almighty rash. The cp became infected and he had great big weals all over his face (looked like something out of the dark ages). It has scarred his face. Not nice!

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