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Bad cold/flu now have pain in upper back and chest

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Buda Wed 03-Sep-08 08:28:15

Have had a cold/flu for a few days. Feel a bit better today but have a pain in my back on the left side just around the shoulder blade and a little below - also have a pain in my chest also left side. Don't have a cough particularly.

Any ideas?

mrspink27 Wed 03-Sep-08 08:56:24

Buda, DH and I had this 10 days ago, followed by high temps, nausea and 4 days in bed... hideous... I really hope you dont have it and that it is just the tail end of a cold. We both had antibiotics in the end as DH ended up with yukky tonsils and I had sinusitis. Get well soon.

Buda Wed 03-Sep-08 10:07:58

Hi mrspink. I haven't had a temp I don't think but have felt completely dreadful. Have spent the last 2 days dozing on the sofa mainly. Am feeling a bit better today. I have not been this ill for a long long time.

MERLYPUSS Wed 03-Sep-08 21:39:00

If it hurts when you take a sharp breath in it could be plurosy. I had it about 3 years ago and had a high temp with it. felt like a stitch only worse. More like to get it if you've ever had pnumonia (sp?) or been inturbated. Both with me.

Buda Thu 04-Sep-08 06:25:21

Hi Merlypuss

No pain on sharp breath - I did cough up some disgusting blood streaked mucous yesterday (sorry if tmi!) and since then pain has disappeared. Nose not nearly as bad either. So am on the mend I think.

Planning another quiet day with lots of fluids, vit c and lying around on sofa reading/watching tv.

FlightAttendent Thu 04-Sep-08 07:59:12

Oh Buda I hope you are feeling much better soon.
Sounds very nasty whatever it is.

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