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PMT help

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sherylshore Tue 02-Sep-08 19:50:56


I know peole have probably asked this a thousand times before but -

has anybody any remedies/suggestions for horrendous PMT? For about a week before my period each month I feel awful. Its more emotional than physical. I'm tearful and know that I'm hell to live with but simply can't help myself. My other half and I normally get on well, but we always end up arguing/falling out at this time. At the time I simply can't see that I'm being foul but within a couple of days of my period actually starting, I look at my other half with pity, realising how awful it is to live with me!
I'm not on the pill, and my periods are pretty regular - I eat well, get enough sleep and exercise daily but this is ruining my life! Help - any suggestions please?

lisasimpson Tue 02-Sep-08 20:00:46

have you tried any over the counter supplements i.e. magnesium/evening primrose/agnus castus? some people also swear by homeopathy remedies. I know it sounds pretty drastic but after I tried everything else (and it was starting to affect me mid-cycle as well) my doc has prescribed me prozac and it has been a godsend. There are also hormone treatments that they can try - or maybe the mirena coil which some people have found great but some people feel worse as it contains hormones or something. Hope you find something to help it is pretty rotten isn't it?

swiftyknickers Tue 02-Sep-08 20:07:23

gosh i will watch this with interest. I am just a nightmare. am sobbin at eastenders am on the verge of splittingup with OH,just cant cope for about a week a month-can't take thepillcos get suicidal

will try anything-all over counter shite. LISA do you have to take Prozac all the time though??

lisasimpson Wed 03-Sep-08 10:03:55

sorry got distracted by wii games last night! yes I take it every day. Have to say it does make me a lot less irritable the rest of the time as well!

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