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CIN III in cervix, now worried I have left it too long, anyone else had this?

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Janus Tue 02-Sep-08 18:51:47

I was diagnosed with CIN III last July but fell pregnant the next month and so treatment had to be delayed. I have had 3 colposcopies to check on it whilst pregnant and again after giving birth, it is still there. I am now due to have it removed in a couple of weeks (has to be general anaesthetic as in an awkward place).
I'm now terrified I've left it 'too late' and perhaps there is underlying cells that no-one has spotted, I suppose this has all been set off by the Jade Goody story.
This is my second dose of CIN III, my first was removed about 4 years ago. My consultant also, very generally, mentioned I might consider a hysterectomy but we are still unsure whether our family is complete but maybe I shouldn't wait?
Sorry, got myself in a spin about this and just wondered if other sufferers have stories to share with me?

puzzle Wed 03-Sep-08 09:34:12

Hi Janus
Sorry to hear you're having a tough time.
I had a colposcopy last week after abnormal cells on my smear. The doc said there was CIN3 and removed it straight away during a LOOP biopsy. I'm now waiting to get results to see if they've removed it all or if it has become something sinister. I'm really scared as I've been having abnormal bleeding before all this happens.

Big Hug X.

kaylasmum Wed 03-Sep-08 11:31:49

Hi my DD was diagnosed with CIN 3 last year. She had a colposcopy and had to go back for a smear 6 months later, it came back normal. She also had irregular bleeding and was very worried but its turned out fine.

I hopw everything turns out ok for you both, i know how much of a worry it can be.

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