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swollen bloated tummy. Look about 4 months pregnant. Been for x-ray.

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jogym Tue 02-Sep-08 18:44:03

Since Friday I have had a v swollen looking tummy and look pregnant. My tummy is bloated kind of from belly button up. I am not constipated or anything. Going toilet ways ok. No pain or cramps or wind just an uncomfortable swollen feeling. I have been today for an x-ray and maybe an ultrasound is next. Def. not pregnant. I had 2nd c section nearly 2 years ago. I'm almost hoping they will see something because if they don't I can't live like this. It is not fat I run x3 a week and eat a sensible enough diet. Anyone any ideas please? I was at the gym the night before symptoms and did a bit of stomach work. My stomach muscles are separated. Do you think this might have pushed something through the split muscles or something? Hernia was mentioned but surely it would be a lump and you would have pain.

misi Wed 03-Sep-08 15:45:44

is your stomach hard or wobbly?

lilymolly Wed 03-Sep-08 15:49:47

x ray would only show boney changes- not muscular or soft tissue such as hernia etc.
Only MRI or ultrasound would spot them

Why did you have an x ray?

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