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Do you think it is worth complaining about the treatment I've had from a doctor, or do I just lump it and leave it?

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oi Tue 02-Sep-08 13:37:29

I have a massively problematic stomach. Had severe bacterial dysentry when I was younger and as a result, it seems to have left my stomach enormously sensitive. Have had barium meals and the like that show I have a hyperacidic stomach.

Because of this, I take omeprazole (not constantly, but when I need it, I get a script maybe for 1-2 months in a year and it seems to sort it out for a long period). When I take it, my stomach is ok.

A few months ago (cannot remember when, may have been the end of last year), I went to the doctor and asked her for some omeprazole. She refused to give it to me. Said she wanted to see what would happen if I didn't take it. I said 'I know what will happen because my stomach will get much much worse' and she said, well too bad. You need any more, you have to have an endoscopy but let's just wait and see what happens (so she wouldn't book the endoscopy either).

So I went off without the script.

So roll forward time, and I've had to have 2 days off work this week because I'm in so much stomach pain. Have just managed to get through to the docs who are squeezing me in this afternoon but say if I am in that much pain, then I should go to the hospital . I TOLD THEM this has crept up on me because I didn't get the chance to take the omeprazole when I needed it and now my stomach is in dreadful state (this is what used to happen - I suspect I have an ulcer). The thing about the omeprazole is that it wards this off because this really creeps up on me and gets bad very quickly.

Is it worth saying anything or did she have a point stopping my prescription? Personally, I think she shouldnt' have done.

Goober Tue 02-Sep-08 13:43:04

She was out of order.
Personally though, I would have made an appointment to see a different GP straight away and not waited for this to start.
My DH takes Omeprazole dailly, he would be stuffed without them.

oi Tue 02-Sep-08 13:45:40

yes I probably should have done . But it's such a palava to get an appointment and this doctor was adamant I wasn't getting it. It's weird, because I can be forceful with the kids' health but when it comes to me, I find myself not being able to argue a point. I really did insist I had it but she was quite snooty and basically implied I was taking it just because I had always taken it, not because I needed it. When I went to her, I was already suffering which is why I asked for it but she said my symptoms weren't severe enough.

Thanks for your opinion. I can't really see the wood for the trees!

Iklboo Tue 02-Sep-08 13:46:35

Tough one - she may have been waiting to see first had what your symptoms were, how quickly they came on, how severe they were before referring you for more urgent/appropriate treatment than just giving you your script

oi Tue 02-Sep-08 13:50:47

hmm yes I can see what you mean. In which case, I'll probably get a bollocking this afternoon because I should have come back sooner when I started suffering. But you know what it's like with full time work, and kids, and dh away and yadda yadda and it was only when I woke up and stood still for about 5 mins that I realised how bad it was!

I'm going now so I'll tell you what they say.

oi Tue 02-Sep-08 15:11:23

Thanks everyone. Have an emergency appointment at the hospital on Thursday.

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