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Are they allowed to go to school with Slap Cheek?

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Enid Sun 20-Feb-05 20:28:01

pretty sure this is what dd1 has - shes been off colour for a few days and now has hot red lacy rash on her cheek. Keep her off tomorrow or send her?

wheresmyfroggy Sun 20-Feb-05 20:29:51

I think it poses a risk to pregnant women b4 16 weeks so best to keep her off,

Enid Sun 20-Feb-05 20:30:45

apparently not contagious once the rash is out - tempted to send her but don't want to seem like harsh, uncaring mummy, also don't know school's policy.

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sun 20-Feb-05 20:30:51

No I wouldn't just incase there are pregnant women around.

katzguk Sun 20-Feb-05 20:30:54

my DD (2) has just been diagnosed with this, my GP said to keep her off nursery until her cheeks weren't red anymore but online ti says was they're red then their not infectious!!! very confusing. i've posted some info on the thread under Health saying 'message for hulababy'

katzguk Sun 20-Feb-05 20:31:22

yep risk to PG women - i'm PG!!!

katzguk Sun 20-Feb-05 20:32:14

i have to say DD went to nursery on friday when we didn't know!

Enid Sun 20-Feb-05 20:32:23

apparently the rash can last for 3 weeks - dont really want her to miss that much school!!

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sun 20-Feb-05 20:32:50

NHS info here

katzguk Sun 20-Feb-05 20:36:11

tahnks for the link blossomhill

Enid Sun 20-Feb-05 20:39:57

thanks, still doesnt really answer my question though

Enid Sun 20-Feb-05 20:47:45


sophie10 Sun 20-Feb-05 20:50:13

Our lot had it and the Dr told us that once the rash was out they were not infectious but the school said that they couldn't come. Dr was annoyed because he said it was ridiculous. So you will have to ask your school sorry.

Enid Sun 20-Feb-05 20:51:09

thanks sophie, that is interesting

Enid Sun 20-Feb-05 20:51:36

dd1 will be devastated if she can't go though, she's a studious little thing

KatieMac Sun 20-Feb-05 20:53:05

I had this out with our school the week before half term.

As a C/mer I use the Guidence for schools on Infectious diseases. This states that when the rash has occurred the virus is not infectious any more.

A mum said that her child had been sent home from school with SC and could I have her on Thurs (it was Tues). I spoke to the school and asked for a copy of the guidence they used. She said they didn't have any.....I asked wht the child had been sent home.'well we thought it was best' I asked if she had been ill - no - just the rash????

So the head rang the school nurse who said that if the child was "well in herself(?)" she could attend school.

(did myself out of £24 ) but she went to school (and my name is mud )

katzguk Tue 22-Feb-05 19:30:41

just wanted to ask if your dd's skin where the rash patches are had gone very dry?

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