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does anyone know what this might be?

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SenoraPostrophe Sun 20-Feb-05 14:16:56

not feeling well this w/e.

I have terrible gut ache, which appears to be mostly wind, but my burps stink of yeast (sorry).

I've taken the equivalent of rennies (I think), but now I'm worrying that I shouldn't have done as ds is still breastfeeding. They didn't work anyway.

So does anyone have any ideas, either about what is wrong with me, or whether you can take Rennies while b/fing. NHS direct only has stuff about vomiting, not terrible belly ache.

I have to take dd to the docs tomorrow for (another) ear infection so would really rather not have to make an appointment for myself (different doctors - 2 lots of waiting).

moan moan moan.

Cod Sun 20-Feb-05 14:18:14

Message withdrawn

Cod Sun 20-Feb-05 14:18:41

Message withdrawn

SenoraPostrophe Sun 20-Feb-05 14:23:31

OK when i say "terrible" I don't mean rolling on the floor in agony, which is what you do with apendicitis isn't it? It comes and goes a bit too.

It does seem to ease off a bit when i press my tum, but that could be my over-active hyperchondriac imagination. It is in the middle of my tum too.

WideWebWitch Sun 20-Feb-05 14:24:51

wind? Constipation? Milk can sometimes settle a tummy ache. Hope you feel better soon.

Cod Sun 20-Feb-05 14:28:05

Message withdrawn

Cod Sun 20-Feb-05 14:28:27

Message withdrawn

SenoraPostrophe Sun 20-Feb-05 14:29:23

Maybe www - it's just it's lasted 2 days now and i'm not constipated.

Flossam Sun 20-Feb-05 14:29:34

Appendicitus is to start with associated with central abdominal pain, then localising to the right side. You'd probably be feeling, or being sick too. Have you checked your temperature? That your burps are smelling of yeast makes me wonder if you could try taking some of those probiotic yoghurt drinks for a couple of days? If the pain is bad, or you have temp/nausea too I'd go to the docs though.

SenoraPostrophe Sun 20-Feb-05 14:30:01

eeek! Did he have yeasty burps?

Cod Sun 20-Feb-05 14:32:05

Message withdrawn

SenoraPostrophe Sun 20-Feb-05 14:33:16

Don't think I have a temperature, nausea comes and goes. I'll have some yoghurt and go and see the doc tomorrow if it hasn't gone away I think.

Cod Sun 20-Feb-05 14:33:48

Message withdrawn

Flossam Sun 20-Feb-05 14:33:50

Have a look at this, it's trying to sell you stuff I kow but does make some sense

Cod Sun 20-Feb-05 14:34:13

Message withdrawn

Flossam Sun 20-Feb-05 14:34:33

kow is Flossamish for know!

Jimjams Sun 20-Feb-05 14:36:44

I had terrible wind pains following my last section- they gave me peppermint tea- and my god that fot it moving! maybe try that?

SenoraPostrophe Sun 20-Feb-05 14:39:14

Peppermint tea...I think we have some of that.

I'm only worrying because i haven't eaten anything remotely dodgy and it came on quite suddenly. Could be my penance for a bad diet though.

I think i'll go and lie down.

Cod Sun 20-Feb-05 14:39:33

Message withdrawn

suedonim Sun 20-Feb-05 16:31:28

I had an emergency appendix op a few years ago which my brill doc diagnosed even though I had atypical symptoms!! If it's appendix it will get worse. The other possibility could be a stomach ulcer, maybe?

KathH Sun 20-Feb-05 17:50:51

i had to have an emergency appendectomy too - everyones right if its appendicitus it will definately get worse - i literally couldnt move without throwing up and then after a while the pain shifted to the right. I'd had a chinese the night before and stupidly thought it was that!

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