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Sudan I contamination list

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tamula Sun 20-Feb-05 13:01:39

Not sure if your all aware but there is an illegal dye that has been found in over 350 foods in major high street supermarkets. No-one knows how this has been allowed to go unnoticed but I for one am extremely upset by this. One big non-budget supermarket chain has a special seafood sauce that i have been addicted to during my pregnancy imagine my shock and dismay that this oarticular item was on the list of infected foods. So I have been feeding my unborn baby cancer inducing crap totally without my knowledge.

For a full list of products look here

vicdubya Sun 20-Feb-05 21:31:26

I'd no idea the list was so extensive.

That's awful!

bbird Sun 20-Feb-05 22:04:38

Tamula, please try not to worry. I work for the company that manufactures the affected Worcester Sauce, although I am based at a different site. My job means that I'm pretty well informed about this kind of thing and the dangers involved. My view is that this has been blown out of all proportion in the media. Yes, Sudan 1 is a horrible chemical that should never be allowed to get into food, but the levels at which it would appear in finished products on the shelves are virtually undetectable. You are far more likely to come to harm drinking, smoking and eating unhealthily than by having miniscule amounts of Sudan 1 in your system for a short time. Having said that, it WAS there and there's no way anyone would want to cover it up, people have to be informed and left to make their own choices. HTH.

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