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"Only" teething but nothing is helping her.

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pamelat Sun 31-Aug-08 18:16:57

DD is 7.5 months, no teeth yet.
Since about 3 months old she has been teething, it comes and goes and I could normally help her with teething gels, calpol & those litle satchets of teething granules.
Since Weds (so for the last 5 days) she has been unbelievably grumpy and grabbing her mouth, screaming when feeding.
However, she has slept better than ever (esp during the day). She doesnt have a temperature, nor red cheeks nor an upset tum. She is just grumpy when awake.
I took her swimming today and that distracted her for half an hour (so it cant be anything too serious?) but she cried and stayed crying afterwards until bath and bed time.
Can teething really be this bad?
She isnt interested in teething toys (fridge type) but happy to chew her muslin cloths - which must help?
I just feel so sorry for her. Her gums feel so hard and there is occassionally blood.

Ledodgy Sun 31-Aug-08 18:18:36

The only thing that has worked for my ds2 is ambesol liquid. He's teething worse than my other two ever did.

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