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Cephalexin- anyone had any experience of it?

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ellideb Sun 31-Aug-08 13:17:37

I've been diagnosed with a kidney infection and I was prescribed this antibiotic on friday. Vomited 3 hrs after taking it saturday and have been feeling on the verge of being sick a couple of hours after taking it each time. I've stopped taking it now because it makes me feel so awful and hope to get a different type when I see the Gp on monday. Has anyone else had this reaction to this antibiotic and were you given anything else instaed of it?

shrooms Sun 31-Aug-08 13:19:48

I've had it a few times and been fine, if any medicine you're on makes you ill, then you shouldn't be on it. Get it changed to augmentin unless you're penicillin allergic, or maybe clarithromycin. Feel better soon!

ellideb Sun 31-Aug-08 13:23:15

Thanks shrooms, was a bit worried about stopping taking it but it's only one day really. I'm not allergic to anything but I am pregnant so it would limit what I can take.

FlightAttendent Sun 31-Aug-08 13:26:35

Elliedeb, I've had this prescribed for mastitis recently. It is one of the broadest spectrum antibiotics available, and so quite powerful when it hits your gut - basically it will kill off most of the bacteria in there, good and bad.
I didn't have vomiting with it - this sounds quite unusual, and I think you should definitely request a different one. If tests were done on your urine they should have been able to isolate the bug causing the infection and give you something specific to that organism.
A broda spec one is usually prescribed initially beforre results are through as this kind of infection needs prompt attention/treatment, but if it's making you sick do contact the OOH Dr and tell them so.
It could be that you are allergic to it.

I would tend to avoid it at all costs myself (in fact I am no longer allowed to take it, ever) because it gave me an awful infection called colitis, where because all the good bacteria are killed off, the resistant ones can multiply and get out of hand - things such as clostridium difficile, which is what I had. I've had to take 3 more courses of different antibiotics just to get rid of that.

I'd avoid clindamycin and cephalexin if at all possible.
C-diff is still relatively rare so don't worry, it doesn't cause vomiting usually either - well it is mostly the other end iyswim. But I really think you need to get a different prescription.

Hope you feel better soon!

ellideb Sun 31-Aug-08 13:31:56

Interesting Flightattendent so thanks, you are right about the results as I haven't had them yet, it is just suspected, so hopefully I will get a more specific one on monday when the results are through. What a horrible experience you had shock.

FlightAttendent Sun 31-Aug-08 13:42:24

I know, it was a bit of a shock - I thought only old ladies in hospital got c-diff! There's no need to worry too much as it is unusual to get it if you're not in hosp. (all the Drs keep saying 'Oh! How did you get that then?!' and I feel like a medical anomaly wink

Best to avoid anything like that though if you can..! Speak to them today though, they won't mind and can often prescribe something better even before the results are in.

Sorry I know far too much about this stuff now grin


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