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Sensitive teeth

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MindingMum Sat 30-Aug-08 09:04:52

My DH has just returned from taking DC on holiday and is complaining of unbearable sensitive teeth. He has never had this before and it is everywhere in his mouth, not a specific tooth.
I bought him some Sensodyne toothpaste yesterday which he is now using but does anyone have any ideas of what has brought this on so suddenly and what he can do about it?

3andnomore Sat 30-Aug-08 09:37:25

possibly to do with a change of diet during the holidays? Did he maybe drink a lot of Juice or had a lot of acidy stuff?

My Oral Hygenist told me, to brush with sensodyne and only spit ot, rather than rinsing the mouth, and if there are any extra sensitive parts to put some sensodyne onto the teeth that hurt (over night, just smear a little on)....also, only to use alchohol free mouthwash....

orangehead Sat 30-Aug-08 09:45:15

The way to use sensodyne is to smear it onto the sensitive teeth and leave it over night

MindingMum Sat 30-Aug-08 10:05:07

thanks for that will pass that on. Can't believe it's happened over the weekend when i've got to hear about it grin

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