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<<cringe>&gt; Er, threadworm advice needed....

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nudyjudy Fri 29-Aug-08 13:40:36

I had the familiar itch (remembered from childhood) and as there was an outbreak at DD1s preschool, put 2 and 2 together.

We took the medication exactly as on the pack (pripsen mebendazole) and again 2 weeks later. Have been washing bedding like a woman possessed and trying to hoover regularly (but not easy with a 1 year old who is terrified of hoover)

But I seem to still be suffering (2 weeks after 2nd dose)

I study the 1 year old's nappy religiously and have seen no sign of anything at all, and she sleeps pretty well (erm, well for a 1 year old anyway) and considering she is putting everything in her mouth still, i am very surprised she is not riddled with the little bastards.

DP swears he has had no symptoms

DD1 did seem to be a bit unsettled a few weeks back (but not obviously suffering from worms, i.e. not scratching or restless at night) but seems fine since we took the Pripsen

Sooooo, what I need to know is, what do we do next.... take more worm tablets?

TBH, I don't understand how the medicine can clear them... I mean, the first dose, kills any worms present but not eggs. Then the 2nd dose kills the worms hatched from those eggs... but what about the eggs that have been ingested during the 2 week period between doses, for example 2 days before the 2nd dose of medication IYSWIM. Surely 3 doses of medication would be better?

sorry bit long and rambly.... DD1 keeps interrupting my train of thought!

newforold Fri 29-Aug-08 13:48:41

Sounds like you need to treat again. When changing the sheets etc the eggs can get airborne and you ingest them in that way so you could have been clear and then started a new cycle.

DSD has had recurrent threadworms over the last couple of years (her mum doesn't treat her at home or do the washing bedsheets etc.)
I have learnt to;
1. have separate towels and flannels for everyone. Drum it into them all.
2. When changing the bedsheets use a water spray and spray the bed linen first to help stop the eggs flying up as you change.
3. Show everyone how to wash their hands properly after the loo including using a nail brush.
4. Change your pajamas or nighties daily and wash all the bedlinen and nightclothes daily in as hot a wash as you can.

stretchmarkqueen Fri 29-Aug-08 14:02:59

My DD1 had it 2 months ago, and was so infested that she had to take the medicine for (opex) twice a day, for 5 days. Cleared them in the end. though. Buying a nail brush and keeping nails REALLY short also helped.

The whole point of the frenetic cleaning of house, means that (hopefully) you won't ingest anymore eggs.

try wearing pants at night, tight fitting. And just because you can't feel them, doesn't mean you don't have them. I can never feel them, but have had them twice!!!


nudyjudy Fri 29-Aug-08 14:51:42

ok, so back to docs for another prescription (cos DD2 is under 2 so can't get OTC for her) and keep on with the frenetic cleaning (sigh) hopefully that should be a bit easier when DD1 starts school.

What does everyone do about soft toys (DD1 has quite a lot hanging around the bedroom)? should I put them in a binbag for a couple of weeks til the eggs die, and just keep 1 or 2 special ones out that I can wash again and again?

Newforold - good tip about spraying sheets first... will deffo do that.

Anyone got any other good tips for ridding us of them?

nudyjudy Fri 29-Aug-08 20:21:41

Roll up roll up, post your top tips here....

Seriously, does everyone really go through this rigmarole everytime the wrigglers arrive? And keep it up for 6 weeks?

Blandmum Fri 29-Aug-08 20:23:22

wear knickers/pants in bed, and change them first thing in the morning.

Damp dust.

2 doses should be enough

Elibean Sat 30-Aug-08 08:39:40

dd has had them, and I am periodically convinced I have them and treat accordingly - but tbh, I suspect half the time its psychosomatic with me (or - sorry! - left over piles from pg with dd2).

I have never seen any in dd2's nappy, so when I treat I treat the rest of us and leave her alone - and yes, I've done a third dose just to be sure. It might be overkill, but I don't mind overkilling threadworms - and mebendazole hardly gets absorbed into human systems, so its not going to kill us wink

No, I do not change linen every day for six weeks - I do it every 2-3 days after the initial frenzy. When I was sure dd had worms, I bagged lots of cuddly toys and washed the rest - and I wash the favourite ones regularly now, maybe once a week.

And as MB says, wear pants in bed, PJs over the top (if you can get them to, dd flatly won't in warm weather).

Also, have you considered other sources of itch? You could have a bit of thrush, or piles, or something?

nudyjudy Sun 31-Aug-08 20:20:12

Thanks Elibean - yes, tis definitely threadworm - found one in DD2s nappy at last yesterday... which was strangely cheering - I too was beginning to think it was all in my mind (and DP clearly thought I was stark raving....) That's good to know you can just keep dosing if the first 2 don't work... will be seeing doc in the morning to get as many doses as he/she will be happy to prescribe... die, worm scum, die! grin

Martian Bishop - yup, have been wearing knickers in bed since I first suspected (well, me and DD1 have), DP has been harder to persuade... says it will give him betty swollocks. I'll say it's either that or I gaffer tape his bumhole up.... grin

Elibean Sun 31-Aug-08 22:26:14

Mmhmm, he sounds like my dh hmm

Let me know what your GP says, I'd be interested to hear....mine is not helpful, when dd has varied itches, and simply says 'if you haven't seen them in her poo she doesn't have them'. Not what MNers say, by any means!

Still never seen any in dd2's nappy, I'm sort of using her as a worm-o-meter: if she has none, I can't imagine dd1 or I have (same reasons as you said) but if I ever spot one, off to the pharmacy will us all grin

nudyjudy Mon 01-Sep-08 20:29:58

yes, its a confusing business and no mistake. Doc said that he really thought 2 doses should suffice, but as he has prescribed 2 x 30ml and we are a family of 4, there is enough for 3 doses each anyway.

Still, at least the house has had a really good clean. I am shattered, but enjoying my newly spotless house!

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