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Could these be symptoms of a underactive thyroid

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lostittoday Thu 28-Aug-08 21:51:13

I was diagnosed with hypothyrodism last Novemeber and my tsh has never been within normal range yet, tsh was 8 2 months ago and t4 was 15 and I am due for another check shortly.
However over the last 2 months I have not felt right with feelings of fuzziness and a feeling of weakness in limbs coupled with pulsating type feelings in body and head.
I also tire very easily and find exertion such as going up the stairs difficult.
I also get spells of nausea and of being lightheaded.
My symptoms do appear to come on alot at night and for the past number of nights I have been waking up with numbness in my fingers the feeling does eventually come back.
I know I have not been lying on my hands or anything so do find it unusual.
I was referred to a endocrinologist who dismissed me as menopausel based on some blood tests I had done.
I said that I had not heard of the menopause causing some of the symptoms I am experiencing but she simply said that it affects women in different ways however she did increase my thyroxine.
I was not too keen on this endo she was a bit I am the expert don,t question what I say.
However some of the feelings and sensations that I have been getting worry me at times in case they are due to anything else.
Just wondering if anybody has experienced syptoms like this with a underactive thyroid.

MuthaHubbard Fri 29-Aug-08 19:53:20

One of my symptoms is the numbness you describe in hands at night, I sometimes wake up having no feeling in them at all. This was really bad and painful before I was diagnosed and has eased a lot but I still get it now and again. My other symptoms included tiring easily (before I started thyroxine, I would have to have at least an hour or two sleep every afternoon/early evening), inabililty to concentrate, as well as my hair falling out and despite running/gyming regulary, no weight loss.

I do have my levels checked every six months and am 100mg dose at the moment which, touch wood, has sorted out the majority of symptoms.

misi Fri 29-Aug-08 22:49:38

lostit, yes, all that you describe is not under control thyroid. if your TSH was still as high as 8 only 2 months ago, your endocrinologist is not doing it right, ask for a second opinion or ask to see another endo, she aint much use, don't know what she is talking about I am afraid. I get a lot of the symptoms you say, and I have been on 150mcg for 6 years now with my TSH between 1.4 and 2.3. I should stay around 1 my original endo said but I have only just got back to him after the one who took over a couple of years ago was total crap and I proved he did not know what he was saying or doing and I have reported him to the BMA!!
but I have have asked for some bloods do be tested for something else which may be the actual cause of the under active thyroid, my endo said, 'why did I not think of that' grin
with a TSH of 8 and a T4 of 15, your endo should know what the problem is, to me it suggests a pituitary gland problem rather than a full blown thyroid problem, maybe she need to read abook on the subject?

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