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Has anyone else had this before??

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MegSophandEmma Thu 28-Aug-08 20:35:02

I have been suffering with vertigo for around three months and was given some tablets for 4 weeks, which I finished around three weeks ago. Since stopping them I have suffered with severe tiredness despite having loads of sleep, hot sweats, nausea in the morning (not PG) and now the vertigo is back with a vengence, I constantly feel as though i'm in a lift when it fist moves.

Any ideas?

Ps: Am seeing GP tomorrow. Wanted to know if anyone has also experienced this please?

MegSophandEmma Thu 28-Aug-08 21:05:58


Sorry I can't offer any advice.

I had it years ago, my gp said it was caused by a virus.

Felt like I was the horrible side of pissed (lurching, head spinning, floor tilting sensations) for about 6 weeks, then it gradually went away.

I was a student at the time and tbh it was a bit of a novelty. I can't imagine trying to deal with it now, so I do sympathise.

Good luck tomorrow.

sarah293 Thu 28-Aug-08 21:14:44

Message withdrawn

misi Thu 28-Aug-08 21:28:20

I agree with riven, that or a severe ear infection, have you any black crap discharge from your ears?
my sister had menieres, stayed in bed for 4 weeks one time, not nice, but on tuesday this week, she was on the rides at chessington for my nephews 6th birthday, so it does get better, just need the right meds and a proper diagnosis

babblington Thu 28-Aug-08 21:41:13

Sounds very familiar - I've had this on and off for about 2 years - there are some lovely pills the doctor can prescribe - think something simple like steroids that just calm down the waters in the inner ear and sorts everything out. And lots of exercises you can do (cause you really feel like moving your head around a lot, don't you?!).
Simple test to see if it is an ear infection or something else is whether or not it stops when you lie down (for me, pref in a dark room!).
Get yourself referred to ENT at your local hospital if your GP is useless.

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