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dh is coming home........

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misdee Fri 18-Feb-05 20:02:54

tomorrow afternoon!

jabberwocky Fri 18-Feb-05 20:03:26


CountessDracula Fri 18-Feb-05 20:03:32

YAY!!!!! Fantastic news misdee xxx

Gobbledigook Fri 18-Feb-05 20:03:38

Fab, fab, fab!!

alexsmum Fri 18-Feb-05 20:03:40

brilliant misdee! fab news! you must be delighted!
is he loads better?

Yorkiegirl Fri 18-Feb-05 20:04:33

Message withdrawn

trefusis Fri 18-Feb-05 20:04:50

Message withdrawn

misdee Fri 18-Feb-05 20:04:59

he isnt better at all. still very ill, but they are discharging and he has to go back to clinic on the 1st. they are still waiting for test results, but they are all completed now, so he can go home. meds have been adjusted as well.

emmatmg Fri 18-Feb-05 20:06:21


Lonelymum Fri 18-Feb-05 20:07:25

Just in time for the birth? Is this wise?

misdee Fri 18-Feb-05 20:08:10

all he has to do is sit there, i'm the one doing thr work on monday lol.

Lonelymum Fri 18-Feb-05 20:09:42

Spose so. You must be so pleased that he will be there for it (the birth I mean).

motherinferior Fri 18-Feb-05 20:10:35

Misdee, I've been following your thread - I'm so glad he'll be there.

misdee Fri 18-Feb-05 20:12:07

so so happy. and worried. and scared.

one blood test will determine if he goes on the list and at what level. if things goes well they hope he'll get a transplant in the next 6-12months.

WideWebWitch Fri 18-Feb-05 20:15:23

Oh great!

Snugs Fri 18-Feb-05 20:17:20


AuntyQuated Fri 18-Feb-05 20:17:44

brilliant' good timing

Hulababy Fri 18-Feb-05 20:18:10

Great news

Snugs Fri 18-Feb-05 20:18:50

Brilliant that he is coming home that is, misdee. Fingers crossed he is confirmed as on the list soon and that he doesn't have to wait that long.

Chandra Fri 18-Feb-05 20:22:37

I clicked on this thread hoping it was your thread Misdee, It's great that he can be near you during the birth. Leave with all the fingers on my hands crossed for you, expecting the news from the test came with the most favourable result. {{{happy hugs}}}

KateandtheGirls Fri 18-Feb-05 20:26:25

Great news misdee.

popsycal Fri 18-Feb-05 20:27:11

misdee Fri 18-Feb-05 20:27:31

it'll be like a 1st date here kate. been so long since he has been home.

KateandtheGirls Fri 18-Feb-05 20:27:55

popsycal Fri 18-Feb-05 20:29:15

dont do anything too strenuous on your 'first date'

(as if either of you are up to it lol)

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